JACKSONVILLE, FL – A housewife in Florida is being charged with faking her own kidnapping!
37-year-old Quinn Gray was abducted and held captive for four days over Labor Day weekend. A ransom note in her handwriting appeared on the door to her $4 million home, that read:
“There are three men holding me right now, and they want $50,000 cash. Stay at the house NO COPS! Keep your cell phone on you. Keep the kids with you. Please do this honey, please!”
However, police soon found the case to be much more complicated than a simple kidnapping. The manager of the hotel where she was eventually found and arrested at said she “didn’t seem to be in distress at all.”
Prosecutors also have a 90-minute audiotape of the sounds of Gray and her kidnapper, 25-year-old Jasmin Osmanovic, having sex, and then planning the details of her fake kidnapping!
Osmanovic told police he and Gray had met at the gas station he works at, and began a six-week relationship, which included meetings at her home. Gray even gave him a house key and the house’s security codes.
However, Gray’s lawyers are telling a different story. They state that Gray, with a long history of psychiatric problems, was taken advantage of. Their defense is that Gray, in the midst of a manic phase of her bipolar disorder, was coerced and taken advantage of by Osmanovic.
Gray is currently at a psychiatric facility in Georgia, while Osmanovic is behind bars. Her husband, Reid Gray, is standing by her side.
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10 thoughts on “QUINN GRAY”

  1. I dated a wack job like this back in California. She was married and didn't tell me till her ol'man came back from overseas. Then she she wanted me to wack the dude. Naa…
    If he was from Neptune I would have thought about it.

  2. CLEARLY…..this poor excuse for a wife had a bad case of bored, "Horny Desperate Housewife" symptoms….. complete with a "Boy Toy" who was clever enough to record her shenannigans……NAILED, GOTCHA, and GOLD DIGGER….come to mind……I hope Mr. Quinn has plans to file divorce papers and request SOLE CUSTODY of their young daughters…..and send this CRIMINAL, PATHOLOGICAL, WOMAN promptly packing her Gucci overnight bags for some hard Jail time……I hope he takes her casual ploy on words caught on tape "blow his head off"……literally…..

  3. she is a poor excuse for a mother.she deserves to be charged and fined.what a terrible waste of tax dollars.not to mention the waste of police time.

    • Hell yeah….I'd throw it up in her but would definitely tell her I was someone else and give her a fake name! If that guy she was with didn't record what was going on, she would have had him arrested and he would have done jail time for sure! I still agree that she's a cutie-pie though but I would put it in her butthole without any lube!

  4. Appears that Mrs. Quinn Gray went out on the loose and found the man to SLAM her for a few days… NOW her attorneys want to use the mental rap to get off and beat the RAP! It sounds like she was conspiring to MURDER her husband and should be charged appropriately!

  5. Just watched Nancy Grace and Quinn being interviewed by Detectives. Clearly Quinn was getting off telling the officer about the "forced sex". All she kept talking about was about getting sexed up all night and doing it in all positions and "pretending" to enjoy it. She was trying pretty hard to get the detective off on the story. Thankfully he didn't fall for her shenanigans.
    She is 37, looks starting to fade and with too much time and money on her hands. She wanted to have her own sex drama and get off on the whole thing. I think her real motive was to have Jasmin kill her husband and he was smart enough to tape her calls to prove her intentions.

  6. I think this is the slut I banged around 2006 while on vacation. I'm almost positive. I'm ashamed of myself, because she did tell me she was married. We started talking because she was from Georgia she said, and I was wearing a Bulldog polo. She's a nympho.

  7. One of the most unfair acts of man in America that is beyond my wildest thoughts is how the rich and famous, or just rich, ALWAYS get off lightly by just paying a little fine and the not so rich always get slammed the hardest! The rich and famous ALWAYS get off very lightly. Her behind should be charged in the same way as Osmanovic. What makes she so darn special??!!


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