CONCORD, NH – An Italian restaurant in New Hampshire has created the world’s largest meatball!
Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of Nonni’s Italian Eatery, decided he wanted to challenge the world record for the biggest meatball ever made.
The record as of the summer was a group in Mexico who made a 109 pound meatball. But at the end of September, that record was broken on the Jimmy Kimmel show when a 198.6 pound meatball was made.
Mitnitsky said he decided to break the record because he wanted “to bring the meatball back to the East Coast because that’s where it originated.”
On Sunday, in front of a crowd of fans and officials, Mitnitsky and his crew presented a 222.5 pound meatball! A Guinness Book of World Records official confirmed the record, and presented them with a plaque.
Check out the video below:

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