TOKYO – A fishing boat off the coast of Japan was capsized by jellyfish!
The Daisan Shinsho-maru, a 9.85 ton trawler, was fishing for Nomura’s jellyfish off the coast of the Chiba prefecture last Friday.
Nomura’s jellyfish is a jellyfish specific to Japan’s waters. It is best known for it’s size, with some growing up to 6 feet 7 inches in diameter!
The jellyfish can also weigh up to 450 pounds each, which would explain how the Daisan capsized.
As the ship neared a lighthouse, it began to lose its balance. The boat was dragging a net holding a large number of jellyfish, easily putting their weight well above that of the vessel’s.
It finally capsized, leaving the captain, Takashi Otsuka, and two crew members, to tread water until another ship rescued them.
The population of jellyfish has actually exploded in recent years, forcing Japan to try and kill them in mass quantities or catch them for certain industries, like cooking or for use as collagen.

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