BENTONVILLE, AR – Wal-Mart has taken discount shopping to a new level, by offering funeral caskets!
Wal-Mart is the world’s largest chain of discount department stores. The storefronts offer a wide range of items and services, including guns, produce, pharmacies, tire changes, banks and even gas stations.
Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is now offering discounted caskets! Starting at only $895, there are 27 different models available on Wal-Mart’s online store.
All but one are under $2,000, and ship within 48 hours from Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc., of McHenry, Illinois.
Check out some of the selection:


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18 thoughts on “WALMART CASKETS”

  1. Is this really a good idea? Do we really want to let Walmart put all the Funeral Homes out of business? Who at Walmart is going to guide us through this process when a loved ones dies and we are full of grief and sorrow?

  2. The funeral people have had a monopoly over people's choices for years, working in tandom with cemeteries (and unions) the createe things like "vault regulations" putting another layer of protection outside the casket -don't want to get those rotting bones wet now do we?
    We've already broken their florist racket by asking for donations to a charity, they'll do just fine lowering your casket *they run several thousands on average and $900 in Wal-mart -why throuw money away into the ground?
    Let the funeral people

  3. So now it's profitable for Walmart to kill people?
    fishy fishy fishy. What are they going to add to their other stuff?

  4. Why not, I think it is a great idea. Especially for those that do not have insurance.
    We all grieve in a different manner. What's the big deal where you actually purchase your casket? If you can save thousands of dollars, why not?

  5. Did you know that it is Federal Law since 1994, that you could purchase a casket from any outside source and the funeral home must accept the casket and cannot refuse service. Suggest families also visit their local casket store for substantial savings.

  6. Trust me when I tell you that funeral homes are a racket. The same caskets that Walmart sells are $3000 when purchased from a funeral home. I have buried my son, husband and mother and their funerals averaged $8500. The funeral home charged for every detail, the viewing room, the service, the casket, the hearse that took them to the cemetary, a few short blocks from the funeral home, the van that took the flowers, preparing the body, etc and still charged a miscellaneous charge of $2000. Please don't feel sorry for the funeral home business. They make a killing (no pun intended) on the grief of family members during the most vunerable time of their life.

  7. Who said anything about killing people? If your loved one died wouldn't you want to be able to afford to give them a nice, decent burial?

    • WalMart continues to find ways to make more money…what's next on the horizon? They will soon own all of us.

  8. Georgia Casket Store is the largest third party retailer of funeral caskets in the state of Georgia.
    You pick out the casket, then we deliver it directly to your funeral provider. It is that simple.
    At Georgia Casket Store, we recognize that the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult times in a family's life, but it shouldn't be the most difficult time financially.


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