SASKATOON – A Canadian company has quickly capitalized on the hoax to create the Balloon Boy costume!
Plantraco Microflight has made it just in time for Halloween. The company, which specializes in remote control airplane supplies, has slapped together a costume based on the saga of Falcon Heene.
Just last week, America watched as a balloon, believed to be carrying young Falcon, drifted and then crashed into the ground. After he was later found in his family’s garage, the police demised the entire incident was a hoax.
Falcon and his family have now become the butt of many jokes, and it comes as no surprise that costumes are already popping up for Halloween.
Plantraco’s “costume” only consists of the miniature version of Falcon’s famous balloon. The purchaser is told to supply the string, helium gas and a cardboard box to hide in.
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