TOKYO – To celebrate the release of Windows new operating system, Japanese Burger Kings are unveiling the Windows 7 Whopper!
Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system, released only three years after the poorly-received Windows Vista.
Microsoft has engaged in aggressive marketing campaigns across the world to get people excited about the new system, especially since Apple has become a serious competitor for personal computers.
Burger King stores in Japan are exclusively selling the Windows 7 Whopper, which expands the commonplace Whopper dramatically. At over five inches in height, the burger includes seven beef patties!
To build on the #7 theme, the first 30 customers of each day will receive the Windows 7 Whopper for only 777 yen, about $8.50 American. After that, it will be sold for double the price, 1,450 yen.
Japan isn’t the only country getting special treatment. Microsoft also conducted a promotion in the Netherlands, where they gave our free copies of the system to residents of the village Zevenhuizen, which translates in English to “Seven Houses.”
Would you dare to try the Whopper?

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