You can make yourself smarter in three weeks – and you can do it while sleeping, say experts.
By listening to a series of taped messages during sleep, you can get the rest you need as your IQ soars, according to one expert.
On this special plan you listen to messages for three weeks. These tapes will sharpen your problem-solving ability, improve your memory and increase your reasoning skills.
“You will be able to solve problems easier after this plan,” said Dr. Owen Caskey, an expert in educational psychology. “It could boost your learning and reasoning powers by as much as 20 IQ points.”
You need a tape or digital record, a continuous three-minute loop, which will play over and over when you sleep, and a pillow speaker or inner ear phones. Set up the recording and turn down the sound until you can barely hear it.
WEEK ONE: Problem solving
Record a different riddle each night, repeating it again and again until you’ve filled the three-minute tape.
Each morning go about your business – don’t worry about the riddle solving. It will come to you naturally with ease during the day.
WEEK TWO: Increase your reasoning skills
Think of someone you really admire. Imagine you’re that person. Record his positive qualities.
Let’s say you picked Albert Einstein. Record on tape: “I am Albert Einstein. I am a brilliant person.”
Play the tape for seven nights while you sleep. You’ll create a better self-image and more self-confidence. Soon you will be able to sort out difficult everyday situations with ease.
WEEK THREE: Improve your memory
Record a different list of your choosing for playback each night for seven nights. One list might be: oranges, grapes, apples, lemons, tangerines, cherries, limes.
Each morning, see if you can recite the items on the previous night’s list in the order in which you recorded them. Don’t try to force the answers, they’ll come to you.
“By the end of the week, you should be pretty accurate on this,” said Dr. Caskey.

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  1. What would be the opposite effect? ( this must be tested fully!) Will I drop IQ points if I…
    … for the first week riddle myself with "which came first,chicken or the egg?" Second week tell myself I'm "Bart Simson" and the third week just repeat the words " Umm,Umm,Umm." If this works, I'll run for congress !!!

    • I think it probably went more like this:
      Week 1: Jeopardy theme song.
      Week 2: "I am Helen Keller. I only communicate using a special language that only people like me can understand. I cannot hear or see anybody else."
      Week 3: Emergency Broadcasting System signal.

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