One of the world’s leading experts on Nazi Germany says Hitler mastered time itself, sending “time warriors” centuries into the future to conquer a world that is yet to be!
Dr. Kurt Fischer told a symposium in Mysen, Norway, that evidence accumulated over the past 64 years has convinced him that the Nazis developed a crude but working time machine before the fall of Germany in 1945.
He says parts of the machine and tattered blueprints were recovered from a bombed-out bunker in Berlin by Allied forces. And he suspects that Hitler, long obsessed with paranormal science, might have used the device to propel himself into the future and back on numerous occasions.
“Volumes have been written about the Nazis’ heavy water experiments and Hitler’s obsession with perfecting the atom bomb,” said Dr. Fischer. “But the cutting edge of Nazi technology was concerned with nothing less than the mastery of time and space itself.
“There is evidence to suggest that they did, in fact, open a portal. It couldn’t help them alter the course of World War II. But there is a very real possibility that it gave them a chance to win an even greater victory – the control and domination of our future.”
Fischer provided ample documentation for his broader theories during his presentation in Norway.
In a dramatic videotaped interview, secret Nazi physicist Erich Kreiner – now deceased – confirmed that he was one of 28 scientists who conducted the time-travel experiments.
He refused to name his colleagues and appeared to be addled or intentionally evasive when asked to discuss specifics. But he did say the Nazi goal was to send 5,000 elite troops to Germany in the year 2145, which was then 200 years into the future.
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47 thoughts on “NAZI TIME MACHINE”

  1. 'intentionally evasive when asked to discuss specifics. But he did say the Nazi goal was to send 5,000 elite troops to Germany in the year 2145' Not really specific is it?

  2. I two have been sent to the past to stop the German Elite troops however it was because of the strange oba ma factor which is the lack of common sense on the part of the global warming scientist that I only went back one day in time

  3. this is what makes the germans fascinating when it comes to this "sci-fi" experiments and technology,but i dont support the "aryan race rules" stuff

  4. Well i guess ill call it funny jewish propoganda. They were smart enough to create a time machine but stupid to go to future instead of past to conquer the world. 5000 so called elite nazi troops against 200 years advanced world nations? Hahahahaha Turkish says this is total bs.

  5. The nazi time machine is absolutely untrue. Time travel was achieved successfully in the year 2500. As a matter of fact, Hitler was abducted by aliens and nazis never had that technology

    • Bobby, are you sure you're not the one abducted by the aliens? I'm sure Hitler was an alien or at least a clone of an alien.

  6. Re to those that call Hitler stupid for going to the future instead of the past: if this really happened, then the scientists would have reported that the war was a dying effort and that it was going to end in less than a year. This draws the conclusion to why not go into the past? Maybe Hitler feared that all of the events leading up to their discovery of time travel would be altered, leaving them with no chance at all to even have the technology. Also, we do not know the rules of time travel, they may be just like gravity in the sense that we know that objects will fall down towards the ground b/c we have explored this for a long time. If we are new to time travel, then how are we supposed to know whether or not you can only go forwards into time instead of backwards.

  7. the true aim of sending 5000 elite(the best of the best) nazi troops was not to fight an future war but to steal weapons and send them back to give hitlers armies the most advanced weapons ever created.

  8. history is written by the victors you can call hitler a fush all you want but the germans were fighting on multiple fronts and still put up a hell of a fight the germans were poor desperate and starving and hitler gave them a chance at soemthing better anyone wouldve followed him th eonly problem was he lost is the world so much better now then it would have been if it was under one ruler ?

  9. Is everyone serious here? Have you all gone mental… I can't believe this lol…wow! You guys are so weak. How can you buy this load of crap. This site is taking advantage of how dumb human beings can be. This site is dangerous. The creators of this are gonna disappear anyways. All demented twisted people that have been consumed by materalism will not evolve. Money fiends…You will end!!! Wake up peeps, don't let these suckers manipulate your minds for money. They are a pathetic virus. Your answers are inside of you.

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  11. they created a machine called the bell that proved mettalic it was then discovered that after the war one of the generals and the bell had dissappeared. years later a simialer object was spotted. it was then discovered that the nazi scientist had figured out that if the machine went fast enough it would slow down the time around it allowing the possibility of time travel. in the 2000's this was backed up by american scientists saying that some of isaac newtons supported the theory

  12. I had a very vivid dream two nights ago:
    I dreamt that I was a woman with short blond hair, slim and tall. I was Hitler's lover?, we had a blonde-headed son, about the age of 10. We were in a club like scene, then in a closet or basement, Hitler and his son stepped through the wall, where the air around them seemed to warp and wobble. I am assuming I dreamt of him time traveling but with a son or blonde boy???
    So, I googled hard and came up on a few reports of Hitler's time traveling "success" and this thread.
    I dont know if it's all true but I never have seen a picture of his wife Eva and when I did I was suprised to know that the woman in my dream was the same woman. I have tried finding about a son Hitler had but I cannot find one that is as young as 10.
    It was a very interesting dream. If anyone can give me more details about it, please do
    My email is:

  13. well for one mister anonymous if they went back in time they would be changing the course of what had already happened, doing one of two things, ripping the very fabric of time( very unlikely) or they would change history before them wich would cause other battles fought previosly in time to not have happened or changed the outcome, wich would then unravel into an un immaginabley different world and history. So if he did this it may have screwed up all his plans by someone or something else having control over everything or even him not being born.

  14. If Hitler did change time, everything is still normal due to the fact he may already change the world and we are in peace as of now.

  15. there are cases,when technicians are checking on a genrating plant,all of a sudden a man in 17th century dress ;appeared in front of them?and that happaned in Washington D.C.,then it disappeared,then another image materialized,when the generator was running at very high speed,a man in silvery suit appeared,with breathting apparatus on his back,and waved his hands ,to the surprised on lookers,and he too like the first image slowly fade out!I think the United States already have this technologies;remember the Philadelphia experiments?that was a crude machine,but the United States had improve on another Time machine they made,and was able to project a Scientist to another century,by bringing an artifact to prove he came from that century,this project is so sensitive that any information going out from the Scientist?will invite Death,AMEN

  16. I wouldn’t believe that Nazi scientist Kreiner, it sounds like Hitler was jumpin back and forth in a time loop!
    If he traveled in a filing cabinet and it shot out light rays, it would have knocked out the power in the area and Hitler would be arrested. We would have known about that!

  17. First of all this is just junk, since the future is not written it would not do any good to go forward it can change so easy.


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