Finally Muslim women can enjoy public swimming while following Islamic law with the burkini!

Made in the strictest accordance with Sharia law each burkini is designed to protect its wearer from chaffing, overheating, the eyes of men, and the wrath of Allah.  Each burkini is made in special factories that are blessed by Imams from whole trade materials, so they are Halal and planet friendly.  Each item is printed with Islamic friendly designs, and prayed over that the wearer will show sound judgement in the face of temptation.

The seasonal hit of the Muslim fashion world has finally arrived in Europe amid controversy.  This week a muslim woman in the Paris suburb of Emerainville was banned from a public pool for wearing her burkini.  The woman claims it was discrimination, while city officials claim it was breaking the “mandatory thong” French dress code.  Manufacturers of the burkini insist, “they were simply jealous of her fashionable yet god-fearing attire.”
Thanks to its innovative design Muslim women and albinos can now enjoy fun in the sun like anybody else.  Keep an eye out for the burkini at your local swimming establishment.

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4 thoughts on “BURKINI IN FRANCE”

  1. I think the "mandatory thong" dress code should be enforced, provided the wearer is young, hot, and female. (regardless of religious beliefs or other such sillyness). We should peTITion Obama to make it law of the land here in the USA as well!

    • that's disgusting! Why is it that people just can't accept how Islam is adapting to the modern world and keep your perverted thoughts to yourself!

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