TORONTO – A woman amazingly gave birth to a 5-pound 2-ounce baby as her casket was being lowered into a grave – 23 hours after she died!
“I’ve been a doctor for 22 years and if this isn’t a miracle and a medical first, I don’t know what is,” said the physician who pronounced the woman dead after she suffered massive head and chest injuries in an automobile accident in Toronto last April.
“There is no possible way for this baby girl to have survived the automobile accident that killed its mother, much less cling to life for 23 hours without food and oxygen from her blood supply.
“But as God is my witness the baby did survive – and there’s not a doctor in the world who can explain it.”
The mind-numbing drama reportedly began when the pretty mother-to-be was rushed to a hospital after she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree.
An account of the incident that appeared in a major medical newsletter noted that the woman was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time of the accident. And the emergency room physician who pronounced the woman and her baby dead was quoted as saying that every attempt to revive the mother and her unborn child – which was still in the womb – failed.
The mangled body was reportedly placed in a morgue cooler for 17 hours before it was taken to a funeral home to be prepared for burial. The newsletter went on to say the nude corpse was laid out in a coffin and covered with a simple burial shroud 20 hours after the accident.
Three hours later cemetary workers were lowering the coffin into a grave when they heard the cries of a newborn baby. An ambulance was called to rush the baby to a hospital.
And even though the little girl was 1 1/2 months premature, hungry and dehydrated, she gained strength while spending four weeks in an incubator and was released from the hospital in May.
The newsletter kept the names of the woman, doctor and funeral home workers secret to preserve her family’s privacy. It did say that the infant is now living with her father and should lead a normal life in spite of her incredibly rocky start.
“Things happen that defy explanation and this would certainly seem to be one of them,” said the doctor. “That baby was dead and now it is alive.
“It’s living proof that miracles really do happen.”

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    • RELIABLE!!??????
      Have you ever seen an actual issue(paper) of WWN? Read the disclaimer inside(pg. 2 or 3)
      that says something like THIS IS A PARODY(as in this is NOT REAL)
      Are you in the market for any famous bridges?

  1. OK, here's the deal…
    1. She was buried, so that means she must've been embalmed…which means the fetus would be inside….which leads me to this…YOU CANNOT EMBALM SOMETHING AND THEN IT LIVES
    2. At a hospital there are numerous procedures to see if the infant can be saved, so most likely with permission from a family member the baby would've been removed via c section if the doctors realized the mother would not survive.
    3. This is a WWN story…they've been out for years now, still cannot identify ONE SINGLE story to be true or corresponding with other major news prints. Come on, children, let's grow up.

  2. Well OF COURSE it's true I mean they report only the FACTS like bigfoot, Dracula, and seven headed wolf lady!!!
    *note for those imbeciles that think I am being serious it is called SARCASM.

  3. I absolutely adore this paper. Here's a key hint: several years ago a doctor was quoted in an article — "'It's the strangest case I've ever heard of,' said Dr. Charles Dexter Ward."

  4. The only explanation for this is that the kid is a zombie.
    And zombies don't exist.
    So this article must be dismissed as a lie.

  5. The Doctor said it was a miracle. It's more likely that he signed the death certificate without looking, and now maintains that the delayed birth was a miracle.
    It's a miracle this doctor was allowed the practice medicine.

  6. I didnt even know the WWN still put out anything after they were cancelled on newsstands. I used to love reading this. Actually, this article isnt true, but it's good to read things like this article because they're so much fun! I will hit this place up every day from now on!

    • LOOL.. i only tripped about this site today… accidentally. And instead of continuing my research work, i got lost here for several hours.
      Respect for the authors fantasy i have to say! The internet is full of fakes and lies, at least one (common sense presupposed) knows that the stories here are entertainment, like a Sci-Fi book.
      Site bookmarked 😀

  7. OMG Sounds like a book plot for Steven King- I bet he could come up with quite the story for something like this.. Who knows if something like this is true..Wow……………..

  8. Toronto? I live in Toronto. We have some of the highest levels of medical care in the world. It is impossible that this would happen here. Plus, if it did happen, I think it would have been in our newspaper. But, it wasn't.

  9. good day . My own comment is this ,it could be true. Because there is nothing God can not do it said that with God all things are possible.

  10. I doubt this is true but there is something called coffin birth but it happens because the mothers body has built up gases from decomposition. Another thing some people choose to not be emblamed since it is destructive to our earth. Now as a nurse and paramedic for decades I can say that an ultrasound would have been done and for the most part the baby is taken out if it is of substantial age and put to rest as a seperate human and not in its mothers stomach. Anyway would it be nice to think this could happen.

  11. This woman is most likely Muslim. Muslims are to bury the dead within 24 hours to preserve the soul, so yes it's totally possible that she was buried within 24 hours. Plus, the fact that she was buried in nothing but a simple shroud also points to her possible Muslim roots.
    If the family wants their privacy, they are absolutely allowed to have it and not have this phenomenon questioned by critics and those without a belief that God has the power to make this happen. He was also the one that put a baby in a virgins belly, or did we forget that? This is the same type of skepticism that has gone on for thousands and thousands and thousands of years…so it's not surprising that people are demanding proof.
    God knows best, so why it happened or how is not for us to pick apart.

  12. This is great sign from God, the God who take life from death shown its existences and he will continues to exist for ever

  13. ah ah ah, Allah is great. Cuz this is the work of almighty Allah, so my advise to every body is dnt let dis issue make u commite a very big sin, cuz is d act of God. Allah is Great. By frm Abdu Lateef Abdu Kareem

  14. This is indeed miracle! The bible shows in the last days miracle will happen and when we see these signs look up for your redemption draweth nigh.

  15. This story is a bunch of bs. God doesn't exist, so those of you that are all like "OMG it's a miracle", WAKE UP!!!! If this story was slightly true, the doctors at the ER would have done an emergency Cesarean to try to save the life of the child. I guess this just shows how stupid people are and believe everything that they read on the internet. Good gracious!

  16. They most certainly did not try to do c-section. Lol better yet, there is no "trying" when it comes to them. You either remove the baby or not. If one had been preformed they wouldn't have shovedthe baby back in. I also am unaware of a pregnant woman past the 20 week mark ever being buried with her baby left inside her. Does no onefind it odd that all facts are left out? This story is lame as balls.

  17. God is great, if God close d door no man can open it n if God open no man can close, Allahu akbar.

  18. If u actually read this story u will see it says the baby was pronounced dead too. They will not take the baby out of the mothers womb if both parent anf child are pronounced dead. this is a miracle whether got given or not

  19. It's only ingnorants that make people underate the might of HIS glory. Bible recorded in Psalms 33:6,9 that by the word of HIS mouth Heaven & Earth came to be. God can do anything, anytime, anywhere, & HE can even do it now. So fear God & keep HIS commandment. Jesus Christ loves u all.

  20. Yeah
    our God is merciful 4 His goodness nd mercy endureth 4ever'
    dat is d signs of power of Jesus christ
    one love'

  21. GOD says He is the first and last, the begining and the End Now i knew it was really really real………

  22. Do people really have funerals only 24 hours after they die? That wouldn't give the relatives enough time to arrange anything. Why would they have lowered the body into the grave if it wasn't the funeral and why don't they mention other people seeing the incident?

    • People do have funerals as soon as 24 hours. It seems like America is the only country that takes forever to bury their dead.

  23. How did they do everything to save the baby when no C-section was not attempted. American takes so long to bury the decease because we have protocols. We just don't throw you in a casket with a simple covering and put you in the ground. We spend a day or two with our loved ones before we say our final goodbye. And besides you need to have all the money upfront before some arrangements can be made or before any plot can be dug.

  24. Look at the site your on. OF COURSE THIS IS FAKE! Duh this would be all over the REAL news if this was real. A baby only has a few minutes to live once the mother dies. Let's get real.

  25. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks,
    However I am having issues with your RSS. I don't know why I can't subscribe
    to it. Is there anybody else getting similar RSS problems?
    Anyone that knows the answer can you kindly respond?


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