In a speech at a Republican fundraising event, Jon Voight decried Barack Obama as a false prophet.  He then declared himself the new savior of America.

At Monday night’s fundraising dinner for the Republican Party, Jon Voight was the special guest speaker.  In his address he decried Barack Obama as a false prophet who was gleefully leading the country towards Marxism.  He then anointed himself the true savior, who would lead America towards righteous free-market capitalism.

Voight defended his false prophet claims, saying, “Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous,” referring to Obama’s stance on the economy, Iraq, and support of Adam Lambert on American Idol.  He then challenged the President to a duel on top of Mount Rushmore “where God will see fit to grant victory to his true chosen one.”  Whether the opponents will duel with pistols or by turning their staffs into snakes is still unclear, but will be televised if Obama accepts.

Nearly 5,000 people were fed at the Republican fundraiser, dining on smoked salmon and olive focaccia.  Those seated closest noticed during his speech that somehow his glass of water had changed to top shelf vodka.  After his speech, Voight took turns laying hands on attendees, calling on the ghost of Reagan to watch over them and blessing them with “Lax gun laws,” “Rush-like Wit,” and “a convenient absence of the Gay.”

Voight is already embroiled in legal trouble with the IRS regarding donations to his new church.

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27 thoughts on “JON VOIGHT SPEECH”

  1. Reggie Cunningham the 3rd … if I wasn't snickering so intently at your typical socialist/Marxist smarminess and the underlying fear-of-the-truth that you convey in your typed words, I would feel true pity for you. Nothing is serious to your ilk is it young man? Just the political correctness, the name calling, the bigotry and the condescending, patronizing attack profile in your every disagreement. The unctuous prose that seems to permeate your subculture from the written to the typed to the spoken word … all of it belays an obtuseness homogeneous to your flock of fleas – the same blood sucking element in support an American President who is dragging this country down faster than a brick thrown in a poop pale. Voight is simply telling it like it is – speaking for millions of the silent majority who, up until now, were willing to give Obama a real chance to do something good … to change things. That willingness is fading fast and the radical left people such as you, would be wise to notice the true "change" in the wind. That is correct …. Obama wanted to go down as the President of "change." Well, it feels as if that change may actually be coming – but it will not be the change he thought it would be … now will it? 😉 Have a nice life young man. Perhaps one day you will see the light that Voight is attempting to shine upon you.

  2. I heard the speech, everything in this article is BS, don't believe a word of it. Hear the speech for yourself, it will bring tears to your eyes. "the worlds only reliable news" HaHa you must think people are idiots and can't see thru your BS. I just noticed the tortured soul in your WWN icon, pretty funny and self descriptive.

  3. Good for Jon Voight for speaking his mind! I echo his thoughts. Obama is taking America down the road to Socialism and beyond. This is NOT the "change" we wanted or needed and the unleashed power of this administration is unchecked and unchallenged by Congress or the Supreme Court, equal branches of government. God Help Us!

    • Yes Obama is taking this great country down in every way. Makes me sick to see what he is doing. Mr. Voight only speaks of what our for fathers wanted this country to be. Obama evidently wants to take this all away from the true people who realy love this country. The ones who work and worked to make it thier home and thier childrens childens home. He wants to give it to any one who can jump the fence. Makes me sick !! & Yes God Help US !! Good Bless America !!! My Home Sweet Home.

  4. KUDOS to Jon Voight!!!!!!
    Obama is leading this country down a horrible road. We CANNOT stand by and let it happen!
    At this rate – if he has his way – we will become 'The UNTIED States of America"! (READ THAT CAREFULLY!) It is NOT what our founding fathers wanted for us!

    Conservatives stay strong… we can prevent this Marxist, Socialistic CRAP from becoming reality. It is NOT the AMERICAN WAY!!!!!!!! Conservatism will prevail!

  5. jon voight is caught in the left and right paradigm….mr bush,mr obama aka(barry sorento) mr clinton are all globalist….ron paul is the man,,,,,you want the truth go to infowars.com

  6. Voight's right – now Bama man can't stand fat people – we'll be taxed to death for eating a piece of cake; he can't stand sick people – so he's going to pass a law to fine anyone who doesn't have health insurance – I can't freakin' afford the insurance how the H am I going to afford a fine on top of having to get insurance I can't afford.

    We should rename Bama man the Catch-22 President!

    "Never did I pledge my allegiance to him!" – Braveheart about Long Shanks – but it's really ME about Bama man – he is NOT my leader!!

  7. you dumb a** mother fuc#$%! need to shut the hell up! Obama just got into office in January and here it is only June and you rejects already have some foul s#%! to say! Jon Voight is just trying to get attention because he sucks as an actor and he's old and washed up so who gives a f#*% what he has to say? Bush screwed everything up and now you racist S.O.B's have something to say about a man who is brainstorming and experimenting on fixing this BS country! How can Obama f#%! something up that went to hell a long time ago? Yeah I'm black and we need someone in office that acutally gives a f#@% about the interests of ALL AMERICANS as opposed to trying to take advantage of s$*# with only their interest at hand. Screw all of you racists!

  8. Why are you trying so hard to defend Bama man? Anonymous, I think you're the racist, why? because, white people just call themselves Americans, but everyone else has to have a racist label like African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American, etc. This is SUPPOSED to be a MELTING pot, so instead of whining about race which only YOU bring up, why don't you talk about the REAL issues? What's with the smoke and mirrors and ALWAYS playing the race card? The freakin' PRESIDENT's BLACK for Chrissake – NOW GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON ALL READY – GEEZ!! What more do you freakin' want?

    • 2nd half of my message to ANONYMOUS

      Didn't see white people get mad and call YOU a racist when everyone made fun of the last 43 (white) Presidents did you? It's the other people who are racist and bring up race and use it for a freakin' cop out and for all the idiotic, stupid actions they do. You're NOT oppressed, you're NOT slaves, you're NOT anything BUT Americans so act like it!! What is it? Proud, kind, gentle – but I digress for you've taken me away from my normally mellow way. I don't think people like you will ever learn, the free ride's over and I'd be sad too if I never worked a day in my life!!

    • signofthetimes – No one needs to defend Mr. Obama. He has twice the intelligence of the two who previously stole the office. And he's more than a breath of fresh air – more like a great wind! He will prove to be one of the greatest Presidents to hold the office. And probably the first in a long time who speaks directly and frankly to the American People. Give the man the credit he deserves and stop putting words in his mouth. Most of you who oppose the man do so based on his race. You'll all deny it only because you belong to a group who thrive on lies and hatred.

    • I belong to a long line of very proud American's sir! My great grandfather WAS a U.S. Vice President! Check on it! Hannibal Hamlin.

      Obama lies, he says that the American people don't want the same health benefits that Congress gets – do YOU know what they get? No, I didn't think so. I, on the other hand, transcribed the closed Congressional session in the year 2000 when the Senate voted on Universal Healthcare and I can tell YOU that Obama was no where, but (Fmr.) Senator Breaux (D.) from Louisiana was right that we ALL should get these health benefits! Where's your Obama now? Standing unabashed lying to us and saying those benefits are worthless – FOR SHAME jack's Dad – if you ARE a Dad your children have a very poor excuse for a father – for he is blind to reason and truth.

    • The great wind that Obama is – is more like a great bunch of smoke he's blowing up everybody's arse! He has only let the economy completely fail, made the deficit even higher, and continues to take away rights and choice at every turn. You sir, are an idiot, but I do digress, for Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said it best, "Never give the truth to those who neither deserve or understand it, they'll only twist it to their advantage." I guess you're a real case in point, jack's Dad.

    • And last but not least the stick a fork in the race card! It's SO DONE! He's NOT a good LEADER…period…it has NOTHING to do with his race as you racists keep saying it does. I don't bring up race YOU DO. I bring up the FACTS of his poor decision making skills and even worse decisions that he actually puts into play – he doesn't like fat people, tax anything that tastes good–he doesn't like people who pay their mortgage, make their rates higher and give a big lump sum to a few who didn't pay theirs.

      Do you REALIZE that with just $1T (One Trillion Dollars) of the $4.2T Obama now has us in debt he could actually buy 10,000,000 (TEN MILLION) American citizens $100K each?!! Now I don't know about you but I'd rather he bought TEN MILLION homes than kept up the idiotic rhetoric that is his niche in politics. He's done NOTHING but bad – please name a good thing to redeem him that DOESN"T have anything to do with race.

  9. Isn't it sad how far John Voight has fallen? Here, he has a daughter who donates money, influence and her time to aid people worldwide and her father is tearing at the fabric of America's underlying strength with his aberrant behavior. I would think that after his latest public display of inane behavior the Republicans would be distancing themselves asap. I hope that Hollywood has a rare burst of clarity and sees what a nutbird he's become. Angelina obviously recognized his decline years ago.

  10. I've just heard that John Voight has been invited to voice his great knowledge and wisdom to the ruling class in North Korea at the next launch of a nuclear capable missile. He's been asked to ignore anyone begging for food or medical attention when he gets there as it would give the rest of the world the wrong impression about the condition of the general population. I understand that Voight has already added this invitation to his bona fides for when he runs for President. There's no doubt that if Voight is well received in North Korea, the wacky right will further endorse Voight as a Republican candidate. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha!!!! I can't believe that I got this far without laughing!! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,——–!!!!! Just in!! John Voight was being pursued as spokesman for Zoloft. It's the manufacturer's belief that a spokes person should have lots of experience with their product. Apparently, Voight had to turn them down because he doesn't use mood altering products and doesn't want his mind clouded by drugs and/or medication!! He stated that he wanted all to know that he and only he deserves credit for his ideas. Just in!! The Los Angeles Times reports that 1/2 of a brain was found several hours after Voight's speech at the Republican Fund Raising dinner. When asked, Voight denied that it was his saying that he had all the brains he needed.

  11. What kind of ignorant wannabe journalist would even write this trash. This is the best you can do? Who cares what they ate or what he had to drink. Your an idiot


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