LOS ANGELES, CA – Musician Chris Brown has posted a video on YouTube, declaring that he is not a monster.

The video has been released in preparation for his upcoming album:


Brown is referring to a well-covered incident from earlier this year, which he still denies.

Multiple eyewitness reports place Brown at a popular nightclub in Los Angeles the night of February 9.  He had been partying with friends for a few hours when, out on the dance floor, a fellow attendee bumped into him.

Dina Wilson, 24, stated, “This poor guy was just out there trying to get with a girl, when he stumbled and fell into Chris [Brown]. He said a quick apology and started to walk away when Chris yelled, ‘Don’t you know who I am?!”

As Brown continued to shout, witnesses report his face started to lengthen and his clothes ripping at the seams! Wilson continued, “One minute he was just a man, the next he was some kind of freak!”

Club goers fled the room as Brown began howling and throwing tables around. He was soon seen running on all fours out the back exit, completely covered in hair.

While Brown has not commented on the incident, a representative from the Cryptids & Humanoids Alliance Against Defamation has said, “While we cannot confirm Brown’s spec-ial category, we would like to verify that any members of the lupin or shape-changing family have a difficult time controlling their behavior under a full moon.

“Although it does not excuse Brown’s behavior, the extra effort that humanoids must make in order to fit into human society should be taken into consideration when judging us.”

The NALL, North American Lycanthrope League, continues to deny any ties to Brown, merely stating, “Unrestrained immaturity is not part of our mission statement.”

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  1. We, the Atlantean 3(andrew, jackalope hunter, Mr. Anonymous), say NALL needs to release their entrance requirements and mailing address.


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