LOS ANGELES, CA – Actress Jessica Biel is starring in the upcoming film “Powder Blue” as a single-mom stripper. She is now discussing the research and training she did for the role.

“Powder Blue” is a movie about four Los Angeles residents, one being Biel’s stripper character. To prepare for the role, Biel took on a number of challenges, including learning how to strip.


Biel also spent two months in intense character immersion to get ready for the part. As a devout method actor, Biel wanted to live the life of a stripper.

Biel started by borrowing her friend’s infant child to care for on her own. “It really taught me how it is to be a single parent with no support structure,” said Biel. She had instructed friends and family to shun her and never answer her phone calls. Any personal interactions had to be steeped in silent disapproval on their part.

She then contacted her high school boyfriend and moved in with him into his parents’ basement. “Johnny was super cute when we were 16. Since then, he’s been mostly doing construction work and drinking with his buddies. His conflicted feelings towards my job really helped fuel the desparation of my living situation.”

Finally, Biel transitioned to a diet made entirely of McDonald’s, coffee and menthol cigarettes. Director Timothy Linh Bui said, “She was a real trooper. The malnutrition helped give her the dehydrated and emaciated look that saved hours for our make-up team.”

Biel said, “This was a real learning experience for me. I have so much respect for all the exotic dancers I met along the way. You wouldn’t believe how many of them are putting themselves through medical school!”

“The whole routine helped me find that hole in my soul that only a lifetime of bad decisions can really give you.”

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  1. I didnt believe it when i heard about her new role so i went to upallnite.tv and they confirmed it. She is going to be naked in a movie : )…..yessirr

  2. Most strippers make more than I do as an RN. Why can't Hollywood actors face it "make believe" for a little while doesn't even scratch the surface of the desperation, financial instability, and lifestyle another person may face. And what a crock. You borrow your friends infant for a bit, and you think you actually learned what?


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