LONDON – News outlets are in an uproar today that President Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah.  The President insists he was just picking up a quarter.

During Thursday’s meeting of the G20 in London, President Barack Obama appeared to bow before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Blogs, message boards, and talk radio are aflame with people who feel the move is insensitive to America’s revolutionary past and Saudi Arabia’s current funding of Islamic terror groups.  President Obama insists he was simply picking up loose change to help support the American Economy.

“And any help during this recession is welcome.”

New footage of the incident shows the President clearly reaching for a bright shiny quarter during the G20 conference. In the recently released footage, when Obama appears to bow, King Abdullah can be seen rubbing his hands together and saying “Good, Good.”

When asked by reporters how it felt to be at a meeting of the 20 richest countries in the world picking up loose change, President Obama said:

“That quarter went directly to funding infrastructure in downtown Baltimore.  I will not apologize for seeking any and every available resource to help the American people.”

Aides close to the President say that the day before Obama got on one knee in front of Queen Elizabeth, solely because he was collecting 38 pence someone had dropped. The sovereign was unsure at first of what to do or whether Obama thought he was being knighted. The 38p went towards a school district in Philadelphia.

56 thoughts on “OBAMA BOWS TO SAUDI KING”

  1. IDIOTS!!! This photo is a fake. iI've seen videos and photos on this subject. And I swear he bowed cleary. and by the way no true american would bow to any man, monarch, king, or queen. that is one of the many reasons why we left the old world. we are not subjects, WE ARE FREE MEN!!!!!!!! Give me Liberty or give me death!

  2. Well the king and his people have allowed poor young boys from other countries to be taken, as the parents are promised their poor sons, they can't afford to feed and clothe will grow up happy and well taken care of inife in Suadi Arabia.

    Instead the boys are put on camels and race the camels for the Rich saudi leaders entertainment. This is true look it up!! Boys as young as three yrs. old are taught to ride camels. If the fall off and perish, that's just too bad. When they start getting older and gaining weight they are put on a strict diet that starve them. They want the boys to be small .
    The boys are kept in a camp, and some have been molested by their keepers.
    And our President bowed to a govenment that still believes in owning people.

    The story above is true. It's been happening for years. Saudi Arabia cares only about themselves. And the President DID BOW l(ook at the footage on You tube there's no doubt he was bowing and tyring to show honor.)

  3. Oh… I tought this was about sartorial solidarity and the President helping the poor deprived Saudis out, by shipping them a load of bow ties… Well, I'm not against that. At least, not by itself. Problem is, they might not having matching smokings. Then again, might be part of a sooper seekrit deal. You don't mess with tuxes! So, that's what I have to say about this.

    Makes about as much sense as that goshdunnit ballooned brouhaha over just a courteous bow, grumble grumble…

  4. mahmood is a dick. you suck like he does. change the world. nobody respects them, they just want their oil. what else do they have? camels and sand. bfd you taliban shit head

  5. The President of the United States is supposed to bow to now one. Especially not a king whos' country allows child marriages and allows the rape of innocent boys and girls in brothels merely because they are to be called prostitutes to avoid legally being rape. Disgusting and disgracful. AMERICANS BOW TO NO ONE EVER!

  6. President Bush kissed the king and held his hand as they walked. President Obama bowed to the king. The actions of both men are dispecable in the context of who they are/were and in the context of the office they hold/held.


  8. Ok, first of all, why the hell would an american quarter just happen to be lying on the ground in front of the King of Saudi Arabia??? Second, why did Obama have to pick that certain time to supposedly "pick up loose change?" Does he have any clue what that did to the ego of that king. I guess Obama didnt see any problem seeing how he is a Muslim himself. What the hell is this country coming to?

  9. Obama will fail, because most of people he is leading are ignorant, arrogant and well.. Americish..

    Remember how a radio drama, War of the World (remember the alien invasion, anyone?) fooled most Americans? I am so sorry to most of you guys, but you are addicted to and spent too much time on American wicked television program, stupid newspaper and news website and porn. Do something else, guys. Spend few months in any other country where all those American rubbishes do not reach you and try to see things you hold dear as the truth in different perspective. You'll be surprised..

  10. No man is truly worthy of being bowed down to except the Saviour and Lord God,The Lord Jesus Christ. He who doubting Thomas bowed down to when he saw he had truely risen from the dead the third day and he hadnt been there before. He said when he saw his nail pierced hands My Lord and my God ! He alone died for the sins of the whole world on that cross 2000 years ago outside of Jerusulum,Israel. He was buried,and rose from the dead and was seen of men,and went back up to heaven. No one elce truely did that the way he did. We can have Gods gift of eternal life by repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. The only way to miss hell fire forever for our sins and make it to Gods heaven.From Gods preserved word,The Authorized King James Holy Bible of 1611. For more information, <a href="http://www.TheGospelHour.org” target=”_blank”>www.TheGospelHour.org , <a href="http://www.pgm.org” target=”_blank”>www.pgm.org or <a href="http://www.swordoftheLord.com,” target=”_blank”>www.swordoftheLord.com, Thank You,very much,Sincerely; Your truthful friend,George

  11. This "king" allows stoning, beatings and horrible punishments for people in his own country. We can only wait and see what his actions will be towards other countries including America now that he has the most powerful leader in the world bowing to him. The repercussions are inevitable.


    • What Obama is doing, is clearly NOT a bow! What type of bow would require such a position as the photo depicts? He seems to be reaching for something and I think anyone in their right can perceive that.

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