NEW YORK, NY – After Jim Cramer responded passionately to Jon Stewart’s criticisms of his show, some are beginning to wonder if the two TV stars have a secret past.

Last week, Jon Stewart used his show “The Daily Show” to heavily criticize CNBC’s financial advice leading up to the current financial crisis. In the piece, one of the presenters he accused of idiocy was Jim Cramer. Now the pair have spent the last few days trading insults across the networks.

Weekly World News went deep undercover to bring you the truth, and the facts are surprising!

One Daily Show producer, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, said he had heard rumors of a “past” between the two presenters. Cramer grew up in a Jewish family in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, right on the border of New Jersey. Stewart was raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, less than 20 miles from Wyndmoor. In between, you will find the Ohev Shalom of Bucks County, where the two met as youngsters, preparing for their Bar Mitzvah.

When reached for comment over the phone, Rabbi Moshe Kaplan said, “Ah yes, I remember them. Always arguing, they were, especially about how we should spend our synagogue fund. Jim was always saying, ‘Buy new curtains! Sell those old benches! Booyah!’, and Jon would start mugging faces at him. Oy gevalt! I aged ten years when those kids were around.”

The pair continued their turbulent “friendship” through high school, constantly arguing yet still spending most of their free time together. But the relationship abruptly ended after they split to attend college.

A close friend revealed, “When Jon’s had a few drinks, he always starts about ‘the one that got away’. Some person who could always challenge him. Over the years, we’ve kinda figured out who it could be…” However, she refused to name names.

Cramer’s upcoming appearance on The Daily Show is heavily anticipated. Will the  two rekindle an old flame? Or has it gone out for good?

UPDATE: The unedited extended interview has been released! What do you see in their eyes? Anger? Passion?




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  1. I'm no genius, but Jim is aged 54 and Jon is 46. And if I do the math correctly, in order for Jim to be in high school at the same time as Jon that would mean Jim failed at least 4 years of school. In order to go to college at the same time he would have to have failed 8 years of school. Now, I've seen Mad Money, and there isn't anything about it that doesn't make me think Jim could have failed 8 years of school prior to college, but I doubt he would be able to feed himself if actually did. If Jon was really making faces when Jim said "buy new curtains," it is probably because he just took a poop in his diapers.


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