LOS ANGELES, CA – Popular daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show was interrupted by infamous mutant, Manigator.
DeGeneres, dancing through the aisles, stopped to bust a move with a young couple, when Manigator emerged in typical fashion holding a lukewarm can of beer.
Initially undeterred by the abrasive mutant, DeGeneres humored Manigator by dancing with him.  Manigator mistook DeGeneres’ good nature for something more meaningful.
“He asked if I wanted to take him back to my trailer and share his beer,” DeGeneres told the audience after Manigator was ejected from the studio, “then he pinched my toosh.”
Things got even more out of hand following the drunken attempt at a pick up.  DeGeneres, dancing the whole time, told Manigator that she is in fact a married lesbian.
Manigator stopped dancing and threw his beer can to the ground.  He turned, bit a nearby audience member and ran through the studio to the nearest exit door screaming, “Prop 8!  Prop 8!”
DeGeneres apologized to her audience for the disruption and gave away free tickets to High School Musical 3 to show her regret for the ignorant outburst.


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