LONDON –  Pippa has two aggressive suitors:  banker Alex Loudon and Prince Harry.  Who will win her heart?
Pippa Middleton, the youngster sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, has been seen in the last week with both r Alex Loudon, the city banker and former cricketer (he accompanied Pippa Middleton to the Royal Wedding in April 2011) and Prince Harry, who has told Royal insiders that he will fight for Pippa’s heart.

Speculation that Pippa had split from Alex intensified last month after she was spotted with Prince Harry at The Troubador pub in Chelsea.  BA friend of Middleton is quoted as saying, “It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up”.
But sources close to Pippa say that she never split from Alex. “She’s seeing Alex and she’s also spending time with Harry.  She’s confused.  She’s madly in love with  them both.”
Loudon, a promising cricketer who was once selected for England, announced his retirement from the game in 2007, enrolling at the London Business School one year later. The couple’s relationship appears to have become strained under the intense media interest in Pippa following her appearance as maid-of-honour at the Royal Wedding.
But, after the Royal Wedding Pippa reportedly “hooked up” with Harry during a stay at Buckingham Palace.  They two were seen together at clubs throughout London.  Prince Harry was “completely smitten,” according to one  bartender that served them in Camden.

Prince Harry recently did a “Couples Triathalon” with Pippa:

There’s even a third suitor vying for Pippa’s hand:   her old college friend George Percy, the son of the Duke of Northumberland.
Following her graduation from the University of Edinburgh, Pippa Middleton currently works as an event planner, while also helping out with her parent’s online party website and editing the web-magazine ‘Party Times’.
Prince Harry told WWN that “Alex has nothing on me.  He might be good at cricket, but he’s got nothing on me.  I love Pippa and I hope she will become my bride in the near future.
But Alex isn’t going to give up on Pippa and let “the Royal redhead” take her away from me.  “He’s lost the plot if he thinks he will take Pippa away from me.   She belongs with me.  I am the only man that can make her happy.”
When asked by WWN if he would fight the Prince in a cage match (sponsored by WWN), Alex immediately responded. “Yes, he won’t last five seconds.”   Prince Harry has yet to respond to the catch match, “Fight For Pippa” but sources close to him says he likes the idea and will welcome the chance to put Alex in his place.

Royal watchers say Pippa is distraught because she loves both men equally.  Though, she looked at ease last week:

Meanwhile, there’s another suitor for Pippa.  A man who thinks she’s a goddess:

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