NEW YORK, NY – One man’s dance moves has given Lady Gaga some positive publicity!
Lady Gaga’s behavior recently has raised some question marks. The pop diva has always marched to the beat of her own drum and that hasn’t always won the support of the public. Her music, however, is a different story as it has given way to “Grandpa Gaga.”
One Grandpa has become an internet sensation as his dance moves are ones to be reckoned with. Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face is the shot of energy that “Grandpa Gaga” needed to unleash a fury on the dance floor. As you can see from the video below, Lady Gaga may have found a solid backup dancer.
The Grandpa not only lasts for the entire song, but he also outdances guys half his age who try – and fail – to keep up. The rejuvenated Pops moves so fast at times that he appears as a blur on the video. “Grandpa Gaga” has inspired quite the following and his YouTube video has over 180,000 views and counting.
Check him out for yourself.

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  1. This is in europe some where. The strange younger ones are wearing capri type pants. wyld ass video, old men on coke.

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