NEW YORK, NY – One music star’s behavior is becoming more and more eccentric and questionable!
Lady Gaga has gone through a transformation right in front of our eyes. She’s gone from innocent, break-out star with her hit single “Just Dance” to the ticking time bomb of emotion and expression that she’s become today. Lady Gaga was up to more of her eye-brow-raising antics yesterday at the Mets’ Citi Field.
The “Poker Face” star stripped down to her bra and bikini bottom and boorishly barraged fans and photographers with a double-barrel bird flipping during a bizarre, profanity-laced meltdown. Gaga showed up during the fifth inning of of the day game between a day-night exchange between the Mets and San Diego Padres. She seemed obviously infuriated that her front-row seats were so close to photographers covering the game.
At first, she seemed to disappear into a lower concourse – only to come out from hiding in the seventh inning in the empty luxury box owned by Met fan Jerry Seinfeld. The diva proceeded to not only she down to her underwear, but to repeatedly present the crowd with some endearing middle fingers.
“She was psyched to go to the game,” a source close to the singer told The NY Post. “But she felt it was unfair that she was seated right by the paparazzi. Having them take pictures of her all game would’ve been annoying to all the fans. That was going to ruin it for everyone.”

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4 thoughts on “LADY GAGA AT CITI FIELD”

  1. Nada Lady Gagme sez: "I guess I'm just a Bronx cheer kind of girl."
    Well I'm a Bronx cheer kinda guy you stupid s lut! As soon as the rest of the koolaid drinkin dopes figure out that you're nothing but a flash hound – with each new episode designed for max exposure – they will finally see what I see and lose interest.
    So now I'm waving to you Beotch Gagme. Guess which finger.


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