HOLLYWOOD, CA – In the midst of her personal struggles, Sandra Bullock was asked to return an award!
Sandra Bullock gave an amazing performance in “The Blind Side,” which garnered her an Oscar nomination. Bullock also gave a not so amazing performance in “All About Steve,” which got her a Razzie nomination. Well thanks to both movies, Bullock became the only person ever to win both awards in the same year.
The co-found of the Razzie Awards has discovered a problem with Bullock’s win and asked the actress to return the award. It’s not that the Razzie judges recounted the votes and realized that she actually didn’t win – they still think she stunk it up.
“We are ready to take an unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie,’ John Wilson, awards co-founder, told the UK’s Telegraph.
The problem lies in the fact that Bullock walked away with the actual, 30-year-old award. The actress was slated to receive a cheap, spray-painted replica of the award. The original is worth a lot as a collector’s item.
“As Sandra was in such a rush after winning Worst Actress she ran off with the original handmade prototype which has been present at ceremonies since the 1980s,” Wilson told the Telegraph.
So Bullock still deserves her Razzie, just a much cheaper version of the one currently in her trophy case.

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