NEW YORK, NY – Seems as though an extremely popular talk show host is trying to set a record and it’s not exactly a good one!
Larry King has been a model of consistency when it comes to being a talk show host. He has become regarded as one of the premier broadcast interviewers, garnering an incredible following over the years. When it comes to marriage, however, King has been far from consistent. He is getting ready to divorce for the eight time.
Shawn Southwick, 50, and Larry King, 76, have been married for 13 years but have claimed “irreconcilable differences” as their reasoning for divorce. The couple has two sons together, Chance 11, and Cannon 9.
King is asking for joint custody of the kids. “He’s going to try and make this divorce amicable,” King’s attorney, Dennis Wasser told E! News. “His only real interest is the welfare of his two children.”
It seems as though 13 years of marriage has led Southwick to pursue to a different route than King. Her divorce papers, filed shortly after King’s, asks for primary physical custody of their children, along with spousal and child support. In addition, she is claiming that the Beverly Hills home they shared is her separate property.

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1 thought on “LARRY KING DIVORCE”

  1. I'm sure Shawn married Larry because he's so handsome, and a stud in the bedroom!
    So Shawn complains that Larry is bonking her sister, but Shawn is bonking her son's
    baseball coach, too!
    Hey, Larry King converted to Mormonism, so he could shag this big-breasted bimbo, so I
    wonder if he'll go back to being an non-practicing Jew now that it's over??


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