UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Ferrari World is due to open later this year and is expected to give guests an unbelievable experience!
The high-end car maker most notably known for it’s exquisite cars and prancing horse symbol, is due to open quite the spectacle this year. Ferrari World, a Ferrari theme park, is being regarded as an architectural marvel and a theme park that all must visit. Not much is known but the makers have released some teaser information to get everyone excited.
When Ferrari World opens in Abu Dhabi, it will be the world’s largest indoor park. The theme park will cover more than 100,000 square meters which means that guests should stretch before attempting to cover the whole park. The park will also feature a huge number of high octane attractions.
Visitors to the park will be able to strap themselves in to state-of-the-art racing simulators which use a similar system as those used by the Ferrari race team. Individuals will be treated to an as-close-to-real experience of driving a Ferrari.
The park’s roof structure has been inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body. It will also boast a surface area of more than 200,000 square meters and it will be dressed by the largest Ferrari logo ever created at 65 meters high and 48.5 meters wide.
The highlight attraction in the park will be a new roller-coaster that will be the fastest in the world. Visitors on the ride will travel at more than 200km/h and the ride is designed to simulate the feeling of being behind the wheel of a Ferrari Formula 1 car.
Another roller-coaster will be the Ferrari GT Rollercoaster. Thrill-seekers will ride in a Ferrari and the ride has two cars running side-by-side, simulating a racetrack with a different “winner” each time. Much to the dismay of many, there is no accelerator on-board, but the “race” should be fun nonetheless.

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