NEW YORK, NY – A new tweeter to the world of Twitter is gaining quite the following!
Conan O’Brien, with the debacle of the “Tonight Show” behind him, has found a new way to keep himself busy. O’Brien has opened his own Twitter account, ending rumors that his fans would have to wait until fall 2010 to follow his humor. O’Brien’s account launched and with quite a bang. Nearly 200,000 followers flocked to him in just one day.
“Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and the threw to commercial. Somebody help me,” was one of O’Brien’s first tweets. It is widely believed that O’Brien will pass one million followers in just nine days.
O’Brien’s Twitter account puts that of his rival to shame. “The Jay Leno Show,” which launched in April of last year, has about 30,400 followers.
In his short biography, O’Brien goes on to say, “I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.” It remains to be seen what his Tweeting will bring. Whether it will be a way to promote himself and his upcoming ventures, humor his fans with everyday nonsense, or a little bit of both. In his buyout agreement with NBC, O’Brien is not allowed to return to the airwaves until this fall. That doesn’t mean he’s going to shut it down. O’Brien is rumored to be taking his act to live audiences and a new Twitter account will also help him to remain relevant.
Conan O’Brien is also rumored to be in negotiations with Fox, with a new late-night show to premiere this fall.

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