BRISTOL, CT – The worldwide leader in sports was the victim of a very funny prank!
The release of Eagle’s running back Brian Westbrook set the stage for the prank. Westbrook was released by the Eagles on Tuesday ending an eight-year career with the team that included nearly 6,000 rushing yards and more than 3,800 receiving yards. ESPN obviously sought out an interview with the former star running back, and they appeared to secure one.
Brain Westbrook was actually Captain Janks from the Howard Stern Show. The interview proceeded as if nothing was wrong until 40 seconds into the conversation. “Westbrook” said, “I have nothing but respect for head coach Andy Reid and I look forward to a future of worshipping the prostate of Howard Stern.” For those that watched the moment there aren’t many words that come to mind, but “priceless” seems like a good fit.
Janks went on to explain the work that went into the prank on Howard Stern’s broadcast on Wednesday. He called posing as Westbrook’s manager, using a made-up name. ESPN initially told him it wanted to tape the interview, but Janks countered with, “I’d rather have my client do it live because we don’t want you guys to cut the interview up.” ESPN walked right into that one.
This is not the first time ESPN has been had. In 2003, shortly after the Cubs lost to the Florida Marlins in the National League Championship series, an unidentified Stern fan also made it live on “SportsCenter,” posing as infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman.
The caller fooled former anchor Dan Patrick for nearly two minutes until he made his own off-queue reference to Stern’s anatomy. A humored Dan Patrick took it in stride, saying, “We’ve been had. That was not Steve Bartman.”
Scott Van Pelt’s face is priceless and the awkward silence hysterical. Watch the moment below.

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