LOS ANGELES, CA – A hollywood star is taking a break from his hectic life to convey a message that he feels deserves mention!
Johnny Depp is in the midst of promoting his new blockbuster movie, Alice in Wonderland. In it, he plays the fabled character, The Mad Hatter. That is all secondary to him right now as he will take time out to make an appearance on CBS’ “48 Hours Mystery.”
His purpose is to raise awareness of an attempt to secure a new trial for three inmates, who he feels have been wrongly convicted. He will plead his case on this Saturday’s edition of the show.
Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were convicted of the gruesome May 1993 killing of three West Memphis, Arkansas, children. The trio was dubbed the “West Memphis 3.” Many, including Depp, have cited a mishandled crime scene, a botched investigation and the media scrutiny surrounding the case as beliefs for the three men being wrongly convicted.
“I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent. It was a need for swift justice to placate the community,” Depp says. “Damien Echols is on death row to be killed by lethal injection,” Depp adds.
At the time of their arrests, all three of the men were 18 years old or younger, making Echols stay on death row more than 15 years now.
In a preview clip of the upcoming show, Depp also goes on to add that the trial focused too much on the teens’ fascination with heavy-metal music and Stephen King novels. Depp joins a list of Hollywood stars that includes Eddie Vedder, Winona Ryder, the Dixie Chicks and Demi Lovato that support the “West Memphis 3” and their fight for a new trial.

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4 thoughts on “JOHNNY DEPP'S CRUSADE”

  1. These animals should be released from "Protective custody" so that the families of the victims can FINALLY get justice by doing onto them what they did to their children.

  2. I can remember when the three kids were murdered because it had taken place not more than a three hour drive from where I was living in Jonesboro, and those three kids had brutally murdered those kids as if it was nothing because they had no regards for any one (except for themselves). How dare Johnny Depp act as though he knows what truly happened because he was living out in California being an actor when this took place???

  3. How dare Johnny Depp defend three ruthless killers when he wasn't even around when the three men slaughtered three defenseless kids who didn't deserve to be slaughtered as they were riding their bikes home??? Why doesn't Johnny Depp stick to making movies rather than defending three ruthless killers who haven't shown any type of remorse for their actions??
    The West Memphis three had made the conscience decision to slaughter three defenseless kids who were simply riding their bikes home just as they had done countless times without being bothered by anyone, and I can remember how the West Memphis police took it to heart searching for the missing kids in hopes of finding them alive as though it was happening only yesterday….Johnny Depp was out in California making movies without regards to what was happening out in West Memphis;nor, did Johnny Depp care how the West Memphis 3 brag to other people how they brutally slaughtered three defenseless kids because they had no regards to human life.


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