Reports of Zombie Dogs ARE increasing in Texas!

People in the small town of Millfield, a suburb of Dallas are seeing packs of snarling, undead canines. They are roaming the streets. Eyewitnesses say that over the last three weeks, the pack of dogs grew from two to over forty.

At first, the authorities thought it was just another wild Dallas rumor. But more and more people are coming forward with stories of zombie dog attacks. The authorities feel that something sinister is going on. These attacks have baffled the police. They have never encountered anything like this before.

The town has been thrown into chaos by the growing zombie dog population. Schools and businesses are closing down, and people are afraid to leave their homes. Across the city, streets are deserted. The only thing you see are packs of zombie dogs roaming freely, searching for their next victim.

The Millfield Town Council held an emergency meeting last night. They were there to discuss what to do about the zombie dogs Unfortunately, no one had any good ideas. Carl Bobkin stood up and suggested, “getting some cowboys to herd them into a corral and then burning them all to death or into oblivion or whatever.” The town council immediately shot down Carl’s idea.


A young woman named Sarah Livins came forward with a plan. She studied dogs for many years. She knows how they behave in all kinds of situations. For that reason, she believes that she has a surefire way to stop the zombie dogs.

Citizens of Millfield wanted to hear Livins ideas, given that local officials are unable to control the situation. Many are worried that zombie dogs are unstoppable. But Livins gave everyone some hope. She has developed a plan to control the zombie dogs. Her plan is to create decoys. Men will dress in dog costumes and lure the zombie dogs to a local fire station. There they will be captured, controlled and exterminated.

After doing some research on zombie dogs, Livins and the firemen are developing a serum to inject into the zombie dogs. The hope is that the serum will be like “kryptonite” to the zombie dogs. It prays on the dogs’ weaknesses and restores them back to their normal, non-zombie selves.

Could this serum neutralize the zombie dogs and get Millfield back to some sense of normalcy? Only time will tell.

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