DENVER, CO – Mark Obmascik created a fake UFO video with his kids to pass the time, and ended up fooling UFO enthusiasts!Obmascik was stuck with the usual parents’ conundrum: how to keep your children busy during summer vacation. So he took up a cheap video camera and a $5 circular LED light, and filmed a fake UFO video with them.

Pleased with the result, the kids innocently posted it on YouTube. Unbeknownst to them, the video took off, and within a day, was being posted on sites like the Paranormal Network!

Check out the video below:


Obmascik has since written an interesting piece on what his children learned from the experience.

2 thoughts on “HOW TO FAKE A UFO VIDEO”

  1. 🙁 Waahhh…too easy to spot the fake…can definitely tell this family has REALLY exciting vacations like sitting in the middle of a field making up fake UFO vids…SO much more fun than white water rafting, going to Six Flags or well…heck…just about anything! I'm so sorry my youth was wasted with a family that didn't sit in fields and make up fake UFO vids…I wonder what these guys do for an encore? Fake Bigfoot siting? Fake Elvis visit? Or fake vision of the Virgin Mary in the blueberry pancakes? Or should those be panFakes? nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

  2. Why would you need to make a fake video? The aliens are all around us. I for one, welcome our new lizard overlords.


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