RESTON, VA – Is this the worst UFO video ever? When even the person who shot the video thinks it’s something else, you have to wonder…

Denna Smith was at King’s Dominion amusement park, when her family saw a dark ring in the sky. Park officials say it’s smoke, and Smith herself believes it was not a UFO but a sign from God. But UFO researchers are still interested… Why?

[cnn-video vid=/video/us/2009/06/16/dnt.va.ufo.sighting.wavy]

3 thoughts on “UFO OVER VIRGINIA”

  1. yay!!! can't explain something?? POOFIES!! GAWD DIDIT!!! i saw this yesterday, how fuggin delusional does one have to be to see their religious icon of choice in a smoke ring?

  2. People U F O simply means unidentified flying object , it doesn't mean flying saucer from another world. If you can't identify it then it's a U F O, is it smoke? is it swamp gas? a shadow?
    NO its a U F O


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