LONDON – An 600-foot long crop circle in the shape of a jellyfish has appeared at an English farm.

The pattern appeared on the fields of Berry Croft Farm, in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire. It is about three times the size of usual crop circles, and has a width of 197 feet.


Crop circle experts, known as “croppies”, are especially excited about this particular formation due to it’s complexity. However, the couple who owns the farm are not pleased.

Although Bill and Sally Anne Spence have agreed that the crop circle is beautiful, they are angered by the amount of people walking across their fields to get at the pattern. “We have not given permission for people to walk on our land,” said Mrs. Spence. “The pattern has already cost a great deal of damage – possibly about £600. People can get a better view from the air.”

Apparently, this is not the first time a crop circle has appeared on their farm, but crop circles most commonly occur in the fields of England. In 2006, the world’s first “3-D” crop circle also appeared in Oxfordshire.


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46 thoughts on “JELLYFISH CROP CIRCLE”

  1. My understanding is that one must look at the stalk to determine if it was man made or other. What I've read is the stalk will be bent or broken if it is man-made. If not it will have been laid over (in the pattern) as though the stalk was heated (as in a micro-wave) and the once laid over it would stiffen.

    Several years ago the were a few people caught in the act of creating the hoax. But the rest cannot be explained. Especially intriguing are the circles drawn in the snow in the middle of a frozen lake that is not even thick enough to support the weight of a man.

    • Yes it's a man made,but those men are not human. They are half human and half alien. Like most of us they live like normal people, they have the same body construction like us. They don't have 6 fingers or big black eyes..just a normal people.

    • Half human and half alien…….just normal people!!
      I wish bill hiks was alive to comment on this.

  2. I think aliens, if they exist, have better things to do with their time than contact a planet that's busy destroying itself. Anyway, that's an awesome shape! This couple should be charging admission tickets…a lot of farms have turned to doing that.

  3. I think this is a testiment to modern GPS survey techniques. It is simple. First darft out to scale. Then map the GPS coordinates, then attach a GPS unit to a lawnmower or specilized piece of equipment. The machine is run via GPS – easy to do in the dark and in a few hours. All large modern site construction is done this way.

    • Given that there have been people actually standing in fields when the formation was taking place and there was nothing to be seen or heard anywhere within the vicinity…that makes for a further bit of mind expansion, I reckon….

  4. 250 meters long, highly intricate, exceedingly well done image of a jellyfish created in the middle of night in a crop field! why is this still a question of who did it and not cold realization of an extra-earth intelligence sending simple messages indicating its existence to earth beings! Obviously this external intelligence knows just how far advanced it is compared to our technology (it can see our propellor driven aircraft, smoke belching trucks, bicycles etc. ) and is not trying to scare us into panic. Instead of putting up a frightening display of its awesome advantage over us this intelligence is instead sending us simple, benign and beautiful messages. Proof of its far far advanced enlightenment compared to us humans.

    • I completely agree with your comments Bob. I have been following the crop circles for many years and although a few have been proven to be hoaxes, the majority of them could not have been done by a human being. Why are people so against the thought that other beings exist? I feel also that "they" are and have been for some time, trying to tell us something. It must be peaceful otherwise they would not have gone to all the trouble of such beautiful work. How beautiful is this recent jelly fish. Look at the detail and the size. Somebody is trying to tell us something and I hope that one day soon we will find out exactly what the message is.

  5. I am totally freaked out by this crop circle!!! I was watching a show on the National Geographic Channel about "immortal jellyfish". They actually live a Benjamin Button life, growing younger as they age. However, actually they can do it over and over again, in emergency situations. If you don't believe me go to the National Geographic web site and look it up. One scientist (on the show) describes it as being from another world. I think the show is called Jelly Fish Invasion.

  6. Bob I thnk you are right on. It seems so difificult for many people to understand how butifully logical that contact on a world wide level be made this way.

  7. I think crop circles are amazing, man made or not. If 'real' crop circles (where the stem is bent and not broken) are man made, I am pretty sure that by now (it's been years) any 'secret society' allegedly creating them would have been exposed. The circle makers and their likes who profit from or ridicule genuine ones by making half assed crop circles are just a bunch of greedy opportunists. They should be challenged to replicate something like this in the dead of the night without being caught.

  8. They are either man made from top secret aerial technology or from alien technology, but definitely not made by man on the ground. The hoax circles I've seen are obvious and not refined or exact.

  9. Looks to me like a brown dwarf star is incoming and it is dragging 7 planets along with it. This crop circle matches with many ancient texts that are giving the date of it's arrival as Sept 6, 2012.
    Get ready because all the planets in our solar system are going to scramble and settle into new orbits and the sun is going to go ballistic and send out plasma discharges all the way to Jupiter…..and our planet just so happens to be in the way when this all happens.
    We know this is coming because the core of the earth is heating up and the sun spot cycle is late.. this can only mean the outer planets are not where they should be in their orbits.
    Looks to me like the whole planet is going to burn while the oceans boil off..while the atmosphere gets sucked out into space. Believe it! it's coming. Watch out for Venus and Jupiter when we get scrambled. Don't go outside..the light will be so bright it will go through your optic nerve directly to your brain and kill you instantly. Good luck people.

    • Yes on one level I believe catclysmic physical changes will occur, but at the same time I think our purpose/challenge/gift is spontaneous evolution. We will transcend all of it, step into the fourth dimension and really start creating and interacting with life…

  10. The second crop circle is showing the 12 notes of the musical scale. It's showing us that the frequency of the light will change. This will change all our DNA and also rearrange all the stars in the heavens to a new place. The whole sky is going to change… the position of all the planets and stars will move to a new pattern to match the new frequency of the light.

    • you are CLEARLY getting spoonfed new-age bullcrap. seems someone wants you to be their pet poof.
      are you sure no-one is pointing a neurological weapon at you, putting artificial voices in your head? if you are sitting around meditating for "higher knowledge" in THIS day and age the odds are high. If you've never heard of neurological weapons then YOU'D BETTER HURRY UP!

  11. I don't have any doubt that this is a message from an extra-earth intelligence, my question is : is there someone in this planet receiving these messages? I think so. They are communicating with someone that understand that language and lives here. Think about it.

  12. North Korea just launched something from a rocket. Maybe it's a crop-circle-making satellite. Then again, world powers, like the US, might actually have enough money to build, deploy, and maintain something like this. Satellites with narrow-beam microwave transmitters. How come nobody has thought of this?

    • Wow man, I never thought of the circles being made by satalite,seriously thats the most logical explanation I ever heard. untill now I figured most were ALlien and some man made but i honestly think it may be our world governments doing this to prepare us for the comming alien deception that will make every human on earth beg our government to keep us safe and in doing so we will gladly give up our freedom. salellite?? Yeah,Thats it!! Its got to be that.Just think how easy it would be to simply draw perfect images in the crops with an unseen lazer from orbit.GPS is so dam accurate can you imagine how accurate a sattallite is thats made just for this reason? I am so blown away that I never heard this before or even thought of it myself,thanks man, truley,thanks,Tony G

  13. the aliens are in the depths of our oceans and the jellyfish is the most common thing they have seen, so they chose that image to enlighten us to their presence

  14. Such an incredible mystery. I've been interested in them a number of years and although there are hoaxes, many cannot be explained as to their construction. Did you know that where the crop is laid down that it is often woven in an intricate weave. Tell me that can be done with a 2×4 and a rope. If you look into the ones that have appeared in the past and the ones that are appearing presently you will find much sacred geometry in the formations. What is sacred geometry? Google it and find out. It goes way back in our past.
    There is a message and some are hearing. Will you listen through the drone of noise today?

  15. This is 1 football field in length! This is also in the form of some of the UFOs that have been sighted over Turkey…look at the youtube videos.

    This very well might be what we will be seeing in our skys in 2012. The increased size in this crop formation indicates that something soon is about to happen in the way of UFO sightings, so keep your eyes and digital cameras ready.

  16. heeey! the ol'jellyfish crop circle prank . that joke never gets old!
    especially not among intelligence agencies while studying the populations reactions & miscrediting freethinkers alike all over the this dark globe…hehe
    Hell I don't know, it just seems so dangerously to fall for any false light implanted here, while ciphering this phenomenon.

    Recall, peace & love!

  17. The Artist who makes them gave a presentation on his work at the Storey Gallery in Lancaster (UK) a few months ago.

  18. Holy crap!!!! the aliens are communicating with us! we're all going to die! they're going to take over the world! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

  19. why do people come up with such idiotic reaons for these bloody things. stupid as hell man. just accept nothing and question everything until you run out of questions. thats how you get the truth. dont be so nieve please. you really don't help yourself by jumping to one conclusion like a bunch of sheep man. nor do you get a laugh out of being an idiot nd trying to make ppl believe your crap. get a life if you do this. otherwise, research it and find out more before you get your decision.

  20. LOL. So many people think it's man made.
    You really think that a human could do something so perfect and so huge in a certain amount of time?! You would have to be doing it from above, to actually see what you're doing. And as if ANYONE could get away with doing this in a crop field without the farmer noticing – may I add they keep a very close eye on their fields. You just need to face facts. Aliens exist.
    Just think; us humans, we can NOT be the only living things in the universe. In all the solar systems in the universe, there's gotta be atleast one planet that has living creatures.
    Have you never heard about the egyptians in early life? They based their pyramids on their alien sightings, and also carvings of alien ships have been found – which are all a triangle shape.
    …..to be continued….

  21. (continued)
    For all we know, all of the mysterious disappearances of people in the world could all be down to alien abduction. Fair enough, someone could have been kidnapped and dumped in the sea never to be found again – but the same can be said about an abduction.
    Also, is it possible that about 6 'satelites' can cross each others path in the space of 2 minutes at night? No. Because me and my brother have both witnessed this. Also we have seen a strange glowing object in the air at night-time do a full 360 turn. And wtf in the universe could do that apart from a ufo – ah but you'll find an excuse like: oh, it's just a plane going in the wrong direction OR oh it was just a bit of glowing ash in the air. And finally, the wind turbine. What in the world could have ripped off one of the spikes and burned/shrivelled up the other? A flying cow? Don't think so. You are just very narrow minded and only hear what you want to hear. But one day, you'll eat your words when we finally do meet an alien.

  22. I know the aliens who did this. They spoke to me the night before they did it. I wanted to know just what farm they were going to do this to, but they didn't want me to warn the land owners nor the media. I asked them what shape this crop circle was going to be. They were unusally crypic "The father who lost his son, almost lost his friend to this transparent beast". When I saw it, I understood. I think they're just fans of Disney. The giant size and beauty of this crop circle represents the size and beauty that is Disney. It's so perfect.

  23. i don,t think people realise the importants of these crop formaions and what they actually represent. first of all none of these crop formations a hardly mentioned via the controlled coportate media due to a mass panic of sceptical public these intricate picktogram rop imagess a so complex in design that there not man made extraterrestrials a sending down silver colored spheres miniture probes most of these crop formations a done in under 3 minutes they clearly represent changess thats upon earth and all the people some of these crop imagess represent the 4th and fith dimentions of the universe wich is the true reality not this elabarate 3 dimension that everyone occupies ,the extraterrestrials a leaving these messagess in the fields because they want us to know that earth and all the peoples will evolve in to further human devolpment on a cosmic level our linear conception of time is litraly crumbling speeding up to collapse our dna is being up graded .

  24. Why do ppl need to invent such weird other-worldly explanations! Isn't it obvious that the instigators are on this planet. Why is no-one blaming the jelly-fish?

    We've screwed up their oceans for too long. Now they're getting revenge, destroying our crops – although this is probably just a warning. (No, I don't know how they do it).

    Wake up ppl!

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  26. It looks like they messed up with the last 3 circles. The second to last circle and the third to last circle are supposed to be in each others spot. Someone must've got tired toward the end and mixed it up. Woops. Just an observation…


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