A mother ship resembling a giant football, a whirling coin-shaped disk that flashes across the sky, a diamond-shaped craft with a brilliant, mirror-like surface…

These are among the most common UFO shapes, according to veteran UFO researcher Brad Steiger, author of Mysteries of Time and Space.

Here are detailed descriptions based on Steiger’s analysis of several thousand sightings over the past 40 years:


8. BLINDING LIGHT. Typically spotted at night, this UFO doesn’t have a definite shape – it’s simply a dazzling orange light. “But it moves methodically, as if guided by some form of alien intelligence.”


7. DIAMOND-SHAPED. This craft resembles the top half of a diamond mounted on a flat surface. Its exterior is polished and as dazzling as a mirror in bright sunlight. The UFO usually is about 18 feet across and 8 to 10 feet high. It has no portholes or windows.


6. EGG-SHAPED. This massive vehicle, thought to be a “mother ship” – has been reported to be up to 200 feet in length. It has an oval shape like an egg, with no visible portholes or windows, and glows slightly in the dark.

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34 thoughts on “8 MOST COMMON UFO SHAPES”

  1. What of the triangles and the fireballs? I would think that the triangle is one of the
    most common UFOs of recent years.

    • NONE of these are "reversed engineered",but are DESIGNED,BUILT, and FLOWN ONLY by humans.
      ever heard of TESLA?
      these nwo craft are powered by electricity.
      watch electromagnetic flight and you !! on you tube-or- nazi ufos and how they fly!
      read PENTAGON ALIENS by william r lyne.
      dont be a sucker for the alien junk lies by the 3 letter agencies who think ALL ufo fans are incredibly stupid idiots.(they view you with utter contempt.
      get ready for the good cop-bad cop-space alien brothers-false messiah-project blue beam hoax to come!!

  2. To Erik Van Datiken,
    what you called "A mother ship resembling a giant football" is a ahuttle, mother ship represents (not always) disk from 1 to 4 miles in diameter and those disks can be connected together by bridges. I saw mother ships with 8 connected disks. Their size equal around to the size of the Manhattan island. 99 % of the time people see UFO shuttles, because mother ships very rare descend close to Earth not to scare people.
    See my article "Aliens live in our Earth's atmospher"

  3. I have seen many UFOs in my 40 years of life..When younger and 13 years old, I was witness to a craft that was massive and was a rectangle monolith shape..my guess is it was one to two miles big. It dwarfed everything as it passed over.

    Since 2002 I have been having close encounters every year. I have seen crafts so close I can throw a stone and hit them. I have been chased for 5 miles by one that was at least 40 yards if not far closer to me as I traveled down a gravel road in Manitoba Canada.

    Some crafts leave with such speed they travel many miles in a fraction of a second.

    From one encounter where a craft was right above me for several minutes, I came away from it ill. I was sure it was some sort of radiation sickness…it was many days later..I became better…but I have never been the same since that one.

    There is so much to all my encounters…and I know from my experiences that they are not our crafts.

    These are some of the ones that I have seen

    Silver disc craft
    multiple spheres
    a silver craft that appeared to be 3 silver spheres together (2 on the bottom, 1 on the top)
    several elongated diamond crafts during different encounters
    a huge orange sphere that was so odd in the sky as it sat there
    an oval shaped white glowing craft that chased me
    A backwards "c" shaped object that I was witness to with a friend for 45 minutes as it crossed the sky.
    A massive rectangle monolith type craft that could have held many foot ball fields.(1-2 miles big)

    Where I go and stay in the summers..there is a whole community that are aware..and all have seen crafts there too..There are several hundred locals that keep it "their" secret.

    The reason for that, is the aura that has been cast on the subject. As it has been made a mockery for one reason only…simply to help hide the truth.

    The ignorance that prevails in our world does truly keep us from getting close to the reality that we know little about..The ones that do come forth to share, are ridiculed and mocked. For that reason most people will keep their sightings and encounters to themselves, thus keeping the truth a secret.

    I will not keep it to myself..I am too well aware to live a lie..

  4. ???These are among the most common UFO shapes, according to veteran UFO researcher Brad Steiger, author of Mysteries of Time and Space.???.. and the cigar shapes ufo??? photographied and filmed by militaries (see youtube).. I´ve seen this kind of ufo when I was 14…

    • I encounter most of my crafts in the Parkland Region of Manitoba…

      Here is my YouTube channel…you can catch me there too…if you want to chat.


      I have not recorded any myself…I just got a cam last spring..and from all the ones that I encountered..they seem to drain the battery…and the camera is useless…I guess I am too close….
      I am hoping to have some sort of proof…this summer….we'll see though…



  5. Weird. I am from Grandview which is in the Parkland. Antway I was trying to look at
    your youtube stuff but with all the background stuff I cant make anything out.
    Anyway kinda curious if we have seen the same things. Not a biggy just very curious.
    Has we wondering for a few years now

  6. Many of the triangles are said to be reverse engineered earth-illuminati ships. Some of them definitely give off negative energy. I saw 2 flying low in San Diego county and I got a real bad feeling – I'm not afraid of UFO's – I'm wishing to meet them – but not this one. My girlfreind who was a real sensitive type, ran and hid, she felt so bad.

  7. Please note between 0.03 – 0.05 seconds into the footage, you will see 3 unexplained vehicles flick past the Egg shaped vessel, what are they?

    • Hello Kndafrd.

      The craft that left me ill was the classic silver disc…

      It was a smooth craft and no markings on it…

      I had encountered it one afternoon…while fishing in the middle of the lake on a boat.

      I had just looked up to see why there was a gust of air…and..there it was…right above me..

      There were all sorts of distortions caused by this craft….including an altering of time. Things seemed to slow down…as my friends fell back and forth on the boat..as I stood on the nose looking up at the craft and yelling for my friends to look up…It was not a very good experience… After that…I became ill..and started to loose hair in clumps..and my teeth started to loosen..and..I lost my appetite…For weeks I kept it to myself…as I was sure I was dying from it…then..one day..it all just faded away…I am not back to what I was..but closer than I was afterwards.

      I do think that because I was directly under the craft that this sickness happened…I say that only because…I have been very close to other crafts since then..but..not under them..and..I have not fallen ill again..even with continuous very close encounters still taking place..

      Hope that helps to answer your question…


  8. i know for a fact they are real. i saw one close up early one morning. it was two dinner plates inverted on each other with the two rotating in opposite directions, the perimeter center was glowing red during the rotations almost as if the two counter roating plates were generating heat. I was about 25 feet away and it was no more than 30 feet in the air. I watched it for 10 minutes as it sat and wobbled in front of me, then it took off horiziontally at incredible speed and was gone.

    • hello. this is the first time I have read about someone elses' encounter that closely matches what I saw. I was in 8th grade. I saw it out of my bedroom window with my two sisters. It was about 100+yards away, silent, a beam of light came down from underneath, beings were under it, walking around a little and stooping down (collecting?) beings went back to light beam, which then went away, and the light between the two "inverted dinner plate shapes" went from individual lights lighting up rythmicly (like fingers drumming on a desk) to pulsating so fast the lights appeared to be one solid light. It srose up higher and swung around the sky in a boomerang motion (sort of) then shot off so fast it was DEFINATELY other-worldly. Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel good.

  9. Hey..I would love to talk to you more about your encounters…I see you are to the north of Riding mountain National Park…Perhaps we can exchange emails or something…If you like…Please do contact me on YouTube..and we can share what we know..and I can go into more details with you..

  10. They forgot the most common shape of UFO……. Airplane. Get a life people, there are no aliens visiting our planet. Todd…Get some new medication.

    • Look..just like every other person who is closed minded..you resort to ignorant remarks..

      I have no care to what you think..as I know you WILL be eating your own words soon enough..
      I laugh at you for even commenting on this…are you any kind of expert at all?…I know you are not..as you have no words of substance and value..only ignorant thoughts..as we see here.

      Alfonzo I have only one question for you…

      IS ignorance truly bliss??

  11. Eight most common UFO shapes? Maybe some of them are cruise ships, and others Destroyers?
    Or maybe they were influenced by us earthlings and our Model T, Hudson, Nash, Mustang, Gremlin, and Hummers, and now designing previously unthought-of innovations in their flying contraptions.

  12. what i saw was like a a bakward c bright as the moon. it also had a rectangular object rise up to it from no where! we were afraid and a stranger pulled up franticly and asking us if we knew what it was! lol that was in sw detroit 300 am near dearborn!

  13. man i wish i have seen a ufo before…
    but i have a funny feeling i do but i just cant remember it at all, just a feeling that i really saw it before…
    just cant seem to remember the whole puzzle

  14. i saw something yesterday with my friend. it was 3 small triangles in the form of another triangle.. the triangles glowed a yellowy green, more yellow, and the glow was dull but u ould see it completly…no sound.. left no trail.. too fast to be a plane and too dark to be an animal. freeked me out

  15. Hi all.
    Has someone checked out the " Stereo behind euvi 195 " site from NASA?They take picktures from the Sun with an ultra violet filter every 5 minutes.
    Those picktures show UFO's all over the surface.You even can make out the shape,s of the UFO,s.
    Don,t know why NASA dousn,t say anything about this objects.
    Klik link ore copy into your browser and watch…… http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/browse/2011/02/

  16. Those claiming to have seen multiples of UFOs I believe are either blessed or cursed, I am nearly 60 and have seen just one, a diamond shaped UFO (like a pyramid atop an inverted pyramid) in broad daylight on a perfectly clear day, it made no noise and was so perfectly blended with the sky that it could only be observed when it turned and the sun bounced off the metallic skin, before turning further and losing sight of it. This went on for about 10 minutes, and I tried to point it out to others on the scene but even I kept losing track of it both depth wise and altitude wise as it travelled and appeared and disappeared with relections from the sun….though it was perfectly visible when the sunlight did reflect off it. That was 1975-76 and I have not been lucky enough to see another but know we had no such technology at that time.


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