WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking move, John McCain supported President Obama’s Iraq troop withdrawal plan, confirming recent allegations – McCain is an alien pod person!

Beginning the 2009 Congressional year, Senator McCain was initially a more stubborn and partisan version of the usually bipartisan “maverick” known to reach across the aisle to bring compromise.  Many saw him as trying to pick fights with the Administration and show early on that he did not intend to be an amicable loser.

This makes Thursday’s 180-degree policy shift all the more intriguing.  Iraq, and military policy in general, was one of the areas he and Obama rarely saw eye to eye on during the campaign.

Rumors have been whispered on the Hill and in the blogosphere that McCain has seemed different over the past week or so.  His sudden shift to the right in the weeks immediately following the election were not surprising.  But an almost immediate move to the center and even the left has made many of his closest confidants and colleagues worried.

Weekly World News has received a tip from an anonymous source within the Obama Administration confirming allegations that President Obama used his close ties with alien organizations to abduct John McCain and replace him with a pod-person version.  This pod-McCain was grown to imitate the real John McCain but be far friendlier to the Obama Administration.

“Its a very dark day for America if the President of the United States is going to use his close ties with Intergalactic Organizations to abduct his opponents and replace them with alien appeasers,”  political commentator Bill O’Reilly said on his radio program Thursday night.

“If John McCain, one of the toughest S.O.B’s America has to offer, doesn’t stand a chance against Obama and his gang of alien thugs, what chance do the rest of us have?  What chance does the little guy have when Obama and the alien tractor beam come knocking on your door just because you don’t agree with him?!”

Representatives from the Obama Admistration have declined to comment and have not returned several phone calls and emails asking for a quote.

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