A reader from  Rochester, NY  spotted a UFO over Rochester!
WWN reader, Mairym Torres, was in downtown Rochester with her friend and saw a purple light in sky.   Mairym quickly pulled out her camera and took a picture of the object.
We called the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and Dr. John Malley, the leader of the panel, confirmed the sighting by Mairym.  “Ms. Torres say an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba.  The Zeebans have been flying over New York for the last several weeks, we think, to do reconnaissance for a future landing.

WWN forwarded Mairym’s photos to the U.N. and they are being careful studied by the U.N. Panel.
Curiously, Mairym’s friend also took a picture and did NOT see the purple Zeeban ship.   The U.N. Panel is studying those pictures as well.
Thank you, Mariym Torres for quick thinking and excellent photography!
Meanwhile, last night in Rochester this picture was also taken:

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12 thoughts on “UFO OVER ROCHESTER”

  1. We believe the leaders from Planet Zeeba are planning to buy bankrupt Kodak's portfolio of "valuable" patents so it can win settlements against digital photography companies and shut down all of Earth's photo-taking capability. Once that happens, Zeebian forces can invade without fear of their spacecraft and faces being shared via social and mainstream media. Why the hell else would these aliens even consider a landing in Rochester,

  2. This is Mr. Micheal, Ufologist
    About Aliens its true only, NASA also know about this but they not expose, they are 34 type Aliens now exist , they came Earth, but most of peoples aware about only 4types. some Aliens are so advance technology from us, some are not yet develop like us…..its a big Universe, in this Universe some billions of may be exist, in that no dought
    For more details please check my channels links….. https://www.youtube.com/thirdphaseofearth http://ufo9x.blogspot.in/


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