WASHINGTON — Soviet troops shot down a low-flying UFO in Siberia. But the aliens on board – Gootans – got their revenge by turning 23 Russian soldiers to stone.

That’s the word from CIA sources who have access to dozens of Soviet spy communications. The United States intelligence community learned this soon after Putin began preparing to invade Ukraine.

The CIA got hold of Russian UFO files. These files reportedly contain 250 pages of eyewitness testimony from two soldiers who mysteriously survived the extraterrestrial attack. A dramatic photo of the crash site, along with sketches of the Gootans themselves round out the report. One CIA source called the report “the most chilling portrait of extraterrestrial revenge on record.”

“This single attack has done more to open our eyes to alien intentions and alien strength than anything else in the history of UFOs,” said one CIA agent. This particular agent leaked portions of the secret file to trusted WWN reporters in Washington.

“UFOs are spotted. Space aliens are encountered. But never once have we heard about extraterrestrials attacking and killing human beings,” the spy continued. “And if the Russian reports are accurate, this is a terrifying development indeed.

“It proves that Gootans are as dangerous as first suspected. They possess weapons and technologies that are superior to anything we have here on Earth.

“And this incident shows that when pushed into a corner, extraterrestrials will use everything at their disposal to protect themselves.”


According to the file, Soviet soldiers on routine maneuvers spotted the saucer-shaped starship flying at low altitude at 8:35 a.m. on November 13, 2021.

For reasons that remain unclear, soldiers disabled the UFO with shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles. This caused the Gootan ship to crash approximately 25 miles east of the patrol’s position.

The UFO slammed to the ground with an impact that literally cracked open the hull. The troops kept their distance but they were reportedly taken “totally off guard” by the five tiny humanoids. The Gootans had “large heads, large black eyes, and segmented snouts” emerged from the wreckage.

“The unnamed soldiers who survived the alien attack said they saw Gootans walking away from the wreckage. The aliens huddled briefly, and then. merged into a single, ball-shaped entity,'” said the CIA source.

“It’s hard to grasp what occurred next, but the soldiers said the entity began to squeal and hum before turning bright white. A split-second later the ball doubled in size. It exploded into what the witnesses described as a”blinding burst of splintered light.

“Soviet investigators were never able to determine the why or how of it. The Gootans disappeared soon after the incident was over. And 23 Russian soldiers had turned to stone! But the two surviving soldiers were left scratching their heads. They wondered why the explosion of light had absolutely no effect on them.”


The Russian reports reveal that the UFO wreckage and “stone soldiers” were taken to a research facility near Moscow. Analysis of the UFO, which had no controls or apparent source of propulsion, remains incomplete. But Soviet experts concluded that “an unknown energy source altered the structure of the soldiers’ flesh, turning them into a substance that is molecularly indistinguishable from limestone.”

“We are currently trying to gain access to the remains of the starship,” he added. “But there is no guarantee that the Russians will even admit that they have it. So the odds are slim that they will give us a look.”

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