OSLO – A mysterious blue spiral light appeared over Norway, leading to much speculation.
The large blue spiral appeared in Norway’s skies early this morning. What started off as a blue light soaring up from behind a mountain stopped mid-air!
It quickly morphed into a giant spiral that hung in the sky for about ten to twelve minutes, depending on the eyewitnesses’ account. It then disappeared completely!

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has been inundated with calls, but astronomers have no idea what it was. Any connection with the season’s aurora has been quickly dismissed.
Some believe it may have been Russia testing missiles over the ocean, however the government has already denied this. Was it something more mysterious, like a UFO?
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47 thoughts on “NORWAY SPIRAL”

  1. Plasma Drive Backfired – now they are stuck, floating adrift. Not like there's a plasma drive repair station anywhere near by. Ask Chuck Norris – he knows.

  2. This obviously-fake spiral in the sky is 3-D holography generated to: 1) practice putting on fake light shows in the sky in preparation for later projecting psychological warfare images, such as "incoming alien invaders" 2) to distract news station coverage time from President Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway last night; and 3) to generate speculation among uninformed citizens that "UFOs had something to do with it", while disinformation experts then get on television and mock such "credulity" and offer alternative "scientific" explanations.

    • Who knows, right? Official explanations are questionable, to say the least. I was thinking maybe they puffed out a foggy backdrop for some fancy laser show. Oh, look honey! A Stargate! Still, it is fun (at this point anyway)…

  3. you know it could be a mage of 9 generations. they can do unbelievable stuff. anyway if you look close you can see that spiral has a source from the right. i wonder where was it.

  4. On 12 December 2008 Share International Foundation announced that a large, bright star would soon be seen worldwide. It is a sign heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya, the World Teacher, on US television.
    The 'star' is really one of four enormous spacecraft placed around the world to allow people everywhere to witness this extraordinary phenomenon. Sightings are increasingly being reported.
    "In the very near future, people everywhere will have the opportunity to witness an extraordinary and significant sign, the like of which has been manifested only once before, at the birth of Jesus. Then, according to Christian teaching, a star appeared in the heavens and led three wise men from the East to the birthplace of Jesus. Soon, once again, a star-like luminary of brilliant power will be seen around the world." (Benjamin Creme's Master, Share International magazine, Jan/Feb 2009)
    See "The 'star' sign" video on YouTube or visit Share International website.

  5. Why is there no data or space images for Dec 8th at all from any agency? Is there something they don't want us to see?
    I have searched for data and images for Dec8th and there is nothing at all, but there is for any other day for years.
    It just seems strange that know one has anything on that day at all.

  6. hah.. we all just baught a load of powerfull led lights and lasers.. and had some fun..
    did not expect it to get so much media attention..
    We do some more shows then!

  7. The spiral seemed to originate from the EISCAT HAARP facility directly underneath it, right there in Tromso, Norway. Check it out then google PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

  8. I had a dream of a double spiral coming out of the sky on Nov 22 2009. I recorded it in my dream journal and even drew a picture. In my dream I was also abducted shortly thereafter. It was a profound dream. A couple of weeks later, this spiral appeared. The strange thing is that my dream was in reverse. I saw the "black hole" first which then morphed into the spiral and then the spiral coming out from the center. In my dream, I was laying on my back looking up. Very strange indeed!

  9. truth be told – very valid point. Propaganda, i.e psychological war fare, etc. is always a possibility. It sure looks like some crude black hole though. The effect seems pretty consistent as well. Wonder if the depth and length and characteristics of it are even possible with hologram technology? The vortex doesn't look like anything I ever read about in that area.

  10. Also got to come up with a scientific answer, why can't anyone believe that it might be a spiritual gift from the heavens to awaken us!!!!

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  13. At first I thought the story of the star was amazing, I couldn’t tell everyone, but I told a few people about it, it was around in the sky and seen by several people. One man I know matter-of-factly nodded that it is a UFO, and he seemed to not think about it any further. It seemed to have been taken as routine right away. Drama followed. I couldn't explain that, but perhaps they were eagerly looking for a change in their life. The star in Norway wasn’t seen here in that way, as conspicuously, but I got similar reactions when I mentioned it to people who had never looked into the whole background story of Maitreya, they told me that it had been on TV, nearly as if I was saying something redundant, and as if I was quite foolish.


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