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I’m madder than Howie Mandel with a rusty razor!

Yesterday, the Hair Club Vice President Joe Biden did it again. He said “we have to keep spending to avoid going bankrupt”!

Wow, even my wife isn’t that stupid about money!

I still say Biden’s hair plugs have done something to his brain, cuz he can’t stop saying stupid things. They should rename that Toy-lette’s Syndrome where you swear all the time after Biden!

Except that when Biden talks, I bet Obama’s the one who does the swearing.

At least, unlike his boss, Biden doesn’t need a Teleprompter to even open his mouth –although I bet folks at the White House wish he’d get one.

Maybe when Obama’s Teleprompter fell over and died this week, Biden was forced to give his to the Communist-in-Chief – it might be in the Constitution.

Boy, was that funny! I can’t believe Obama was able to keep going with his talk after his fancy machine broke. I thought something would happen like in Westworld, and sparks would start flying and Obama would finally show us he was really a space monster.

Anyway, the only person dumber than Biden is Sonia Sotomayor. She keeps getting words mixed up, and it doesn’t help that she talks in that phony Nurse Ratched voice. I kept thinking she was gonna get out of her chair and hand out little paper cups full of pills to the politicians!

But if Sonya is really Nurse Ratched, she won’t have to send Biden for a lobotomy – it’s too late!

I still can’t believe she’s gonna be on the Supreme Court. We’ve got dusty old houseplants around here than are smarter than her!