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NEW YORK, NY – One golfer’s prank did not get the reaction he expected!

Ian Poulter is an English professional golfer who thanks to his play as of late finds himself among the top pro golfers. While his game is making some noise, his outfits might be making more noise. Poulter is known across the PGA and Euroepean tours for his radical dress sense – which he claims was inspired by his mother. Well, that’s neither here nor there. The matter at hand is a recent practical joke played on Poulter that he didn’t take very well.

With the Ryder Cup around the corner, Team Europe and Team USA are making all necessary preparations. In the case of Poulter, that involves dealing with practical jokes.

Johnny Miller, lead commentator for NBC, loves criticizing other golfers. Shooting a 63 at Oakmont on the final day of the 1973 U.S. Open is one of his claims to fame. He decided to poke a little fun at Poulter with a special present ….

Poulter didn’t appreciate the joke and took to Twitter to unleash the fury on Miller – Poulter keeps his fury to a PG level.

After some further investigating, it seems as though Miller had nothing to do with the joke. Poulter discovered that it was Brad Faxon who forged the signature. Regardless, Poulter still Tweeted that Miller could “choke on this” – “this” being Poulter’s European Tour-leading Greens In Regulation status – he’s No. 1.

Sounds like Poulter is one word away from telling his mommy. Goes to show that golf might be missing a little “macho” in the sport – just a little though. It will be interesting to see how Miller comments on Poulter’s game in the coming weeks.