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LONDON – News outlets are in an uproar today that President Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah.  The President insists he was just picking up a quarter.

During Thursday’s meeting of the G20 in London, President Barack Obama appeared to bow before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Blogs, message boards, and talk radio are aflame with people who feel the move is insensitive to America’s revolutionary past and Saudi Arabia’s current funding of Islamic terror groups.  President Obama insists he was simply picking up loose change to help support the American Economy.

“And any help during this recession is welcome.”

New footage of the incident shows the President clearly reaching for a bright shiny quarter during the G20 conference. In the recently released footage, when Obama appears to bow, King Abdullah can be seen rubbing his hands together and saying “Good, Good.”

When asked by reporters how it felt to be at a meeting of the 20 richest countries in the world picking up loose change, President Obama said:

“That quarter went directly to funding infrastructure in downtown Baltimore.  I will not apologize for seeking any and every available resource to help the American people.”

Aides close to the President say that the day before Obama got on one knee in front of Queen Elizabeth, solely because he was collecting 38 pence someone had dropped. The sovereign was unsure at first of what to do or whether Obama thought he was being knighted. The 38p went towards a school district in Philadelphia.