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CARTAGENA, Colombia – The Colombian woman in the middle of the Secret Service scandal has spoken out.

“Mi servicio no es un secreto,” said the prostitute confidentially to a reporter for Cartagena’s El Heraldo.

So when a member of the Secret Service refused to pay her, she refused to leave. Fully aware of the hotel’s guest registration policy, she knew if she wasn’t out by 7:00AM someone would come looking.

And they did. Hotel staff was sent to the room and found the young prostitute in the room with a U.S. agent. When he still refused to pay her, Cartagena police were called.

Prostitution is legal in certain areas of Colombia, including Cartagena.

According to reports, this year’s Summit of the Americas brought more than just heads-of-state to Cartagena. Scores of female prostitutes flooded the city’s upscale bars and clubs, including the lively terrace bar at the Hotel Caribe where the Secret Service contingent was staying.

Other prostitutes have started talking to Colombian media outlets about their experiences with the members of the U.S. Secret Service. TMZ has reportedly struck a deal to bring their stories to the U.S. market.