NASA revealed last week that in 1976 that found life on Mars.  They brought them home,but “accidentally” boiled them alive.
NASA found the Martians (less than an inch tall), and brought them back to Earth.  But one NASA scientist mistook the Martians for sugar cubes and put them in his coffee.  Thus, boiling the Martians to death.
The 36-year-old news was finally revealed by a retired NASA scientist, who wishes to remain anonymous.  He said that he “couldn’t die” without revealing that life was found on Mars and that he… accidentally killed them.
“I feel terrible,” the scientist told WWN.  “It would have made my career.  Instead, I’m a laughing stock of NASA.”
The Martian life was brought back to Earth via NASA’s Viking Mars robots in 1976.

Biologist Todd Markham, of the University of Southern California, told WWN: “I’m 99 per cent sure there’s life there.  And this proves I’m right.”
Dr. Markham wants NASA to send a craft back to Mars to gather more Martians – and keep them away from absent-minded scientists!


  1. The Viking probes werent made to come back from Mars, so there was no way the Martians could have died on Earth. Besides, Martians are supposed to be highly advanced little green men. 😛

  2. Only Fake Lake (The Biggest Moron & Idiot of all Time), could fabricate something like this! Frank Lake is an 100% idiot!

  3. So how did this moron not know that he put aliens in his coffee? the other day i looked in y trunk and found illegal aliens so i brewed a big pot of coffee and out them in it. I knew that they weren't sugar and if I knew this how could the NASA scientists not know this. Shut up with yor screaming or i will put more milk in the cup yopu damn illegal aliens. sigh should have gotten decaf


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