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Al Gore went on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and called for a non-violent revolution – an American Spring!

Al Gore isn’t happy with the Debt Celing deal.   He thinks it’s time that America had a non-violent uprising similar to what happened in Tahrir Square in Egypt.

“We need to have an American spring, you know, the Arab spring. The non-violent part of it isn’t finished yet, but we need to have an American spring. A kind of an American Tahrir Square. Non-violent change where people from the grassroots get involved again. Not the, you know, not in the Tea Party style,'” Al Gore said on Current TV’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

“There are people who are genuinely upset in the Tea Party. I understand that. But that movement was funded with seed money from right-wing billionaires, the Koch Brothers, and promoted on Fox News,” Gore said.

Gore said that he would happily lead the revolution but that he is “afraid of large crowds.”

“Keith, I’d love to lead the revolution, which I think should happen in Times Square in New York, but I don’t do well in crowds.  If there’s more than five people in my living room, I break out in hives”

When asked if the revolution would be a protest against Barack Obama, Gore said. “No, the protest would be against the Tea Partiers who are trying to ruin President Obama’s glorious presidency.”

When told that a revolution is usually against a current governmental administration and not against other protesters (the Tea Party), Gore responded, “Can you see my baldspot?”

Al Gore said that his revolution in Times Square should also include polar bears because “they have a lot to complain about.  It’s too damn hot!”

Al Gore also told Keith Olbermann that he is considering running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.  “I love Barack, I really do, but we need someone in the White House who knows how to turn off the lights and turn on the green.”

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