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WASHINGTON – Anthony Weiner told WWN this morning he will resign from office today.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) told Frank Lake of WWN  this morning that he is going to resign from office and will be making an announcement at 2pm today.

CNN and the NY TIMES are confirming WWN’s exclusive story:  Weiner will resign today.  A press conference will be announced later.

Frank Lake spent the morning making waffles for  Weiner and Huma.  Huma told Lake that she still supports her husband, but that the best thing for the country – and their marriage – is for “Anthony to give up his House seat.”

Weiner also told Frank Lake that still intends to run for Mayor of New York City.

Weiner showed Lake his package – even though Lake did not ask to see it.

Later today, Weiner will tell reporters and the world, that he is going into treatment and that his top priority when he comes out is to repair the damage he has done to his marriage. “Huma, and our unborn child are all I am focused on now.”

Well, that and a porn video – which Weiner has signed on to star in.  Apparently, he couldn’t turn down the very lucrative offer from Vivid Entertainment.

In recent weeks, the embattled congressman has resisted calls to step down from his post amid intense controversy surrounding inappropriate interactions he admitted to engaging in online and lewd photos surfacing of the congressman.

The scandal got even stranger Wednesday, when a former porn actress who exchanged emails and messages with Weiner said he asked her to lie about their interactions.  Weiner has acknowledged sending sexually explicit messages and suggestive photos of himself to various women and then lying about it. The New York congressman has taken a two-week leave from the House and is reported to be in treatment at an undisclosed location.