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Once in a while, I don’t mind that Obama too much. Sometimes he does stuff that makes me think Bush and Cheney and Rove are still running the place.

Look what happened with those Chinese Muslim terrorists.

Of all the places he could’ve sent those bad guys, the Teleprompter Kid picked Palau, some rinky-dink island that says it’s a real country.

My nephew tells me it’s the place on that TV show where people eat bugs to win a million bucks. Well, the leaders of this island are doing even better, and they don’t even have to put up with loud gay fat guys to do it: they’re getting $12 million bucks in foreign aid for each bad guy they take in!

And we all know what “foreign aid” really means – the big shots in Palau are gonna be buying lots of AK-47s and solid gold Cadillacs pretty soon!

What’s funny is that lots of movie stars have a second or third house in Palau. Sticking them with these trigger happy Muslims seemed like the kind of thing Bush would’ve done! Ha ha!!

I bet Michael Douglas isn’t too happy about having these nasty foreigners ogling his wife, even though he and his movie star friends kept telling Bush to close Gitmo.

Or maybe these Hollywood-ers can do what they always do with folks who aren’t white and don’t speak English, and just hire the Muslims to clean their swimming pools.

PS: how come China’s got Muslims anyhow, and don’t they find the whole “beard growing” rule pretty tough to pull off? Do their women have bandaged up feet under their tent dresses? What about pork fried rice?

I don’t understand why the Communist News Network doesn’t talk about THAT stuff!