MIAMI, FL – Miami Dade Police finally captured the infamous Cat Killer this weekend.  The mutant suspect had pleaded no contest.

Over the past two months residents of Miami’s southern suburbs have been plagued by a series of gruesome cat killings.  Pets and strays have been found murdered and in some cases mutilated on their owners lawns.  In all, dozens of cats are believed to have been attacked by this one assailant.

Early Sunday morning, police arrested a half-dog mutant that responds to Tyler Weinman.  He was caught shortly before dawn in a cat-in-a-tree sting operation run by a joint police and Animal Services task force.  Currently he is being charged with 34 counts of animal cruelty, 28 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body, not wearing a collar at the time of his arrest, and urinating on a policeman.

“I sincerely hope that now residents will feel relieved that their cats will be safe once again” said Deputy Mayor Phillip Sosa.  “He is being neutered later today, and we feel that is a good place for the community’s healing to begin.”

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11 thoughts on “TYLER WEINMAN: CAT KILLER”

  1. Hello, I am A animal lover from Miami Florida. I am concerned that the cat killer,
    Tyler Hayes Weinman, Will not receive the Full penalty of the law(158 years).Serial
    Killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, and Albert DiSalvo
    (The Boston Strangler) are known to have killed and tortured animals before

    moving on to their human victims. Obviously, there are many factors that lead

    someone to murder or serial killing, but that constant link is animal abuse.

    It has been researched and noted by the FBI that there is a correlation between

    serial killers and animal abuse/torture. They have linked animal cruelty to

    domestic violence, child abuse and serial killings.

    A study done by North Eastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that

    people who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans than

    people who do not.

  2. I would like to see Tyler Weinman sentenced to A minium of one year in

    prison(hopefully many more). This would make him A felon under florida law, and

    would make it illegal for him to own or posess any firearms or any other deadly

    weapons. It would also keep him under law enforcements scrutiny for the rest of

    his life.

    To this end I am going to list his judges contact information, and also the link to

    the Dade County Clerk of the Courts web page so you are able to keep up with his

    next court dates. Also included is A list of his charges.

    Please feel free to contact the judge and/or his assistant with A list of you're


  3. Please feel free to contact the judge and/or his assistant with A list of you're


    Dade County Clerk of the Courts:


    On this web page click on "Case Number" and enter F-09-019761

    Judges Contact information:

    Name: John W. Thornton
    Phone: (305)548-5110
    E-Mail: tsmith@jud11.slcourts.org
    Address: Richard E. Gerstein
    Justice Building
    1351 N.W. 12 Street
    Miami Florida 33125

    His adminstrative assistants name is Sonja Smith

  4. By Hallie "so THIS is what cops spend their time doing. I feel so much better knowing that they are catching dangerous criminals"
    He will be a dangerous criminal if he continues to practice killing things unchecked, he's going to work his way to the big leagues & kill people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, etc., etc., if you have no problem w/ it, you should live next to him, but don't cry when he kills your pets, your children, YOU!!

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