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CHENGDU – Word has spread of the mythical creature, the “grass mud horse”, which is rumored to live in the Chinese desert. But what is it truly?

The New York Times has just published an article explaining what they believe to be the origins of the “grass mud horse”. Apparently, in protest of severe censorship, Chinese citizens “created” a list of 10 mythical creatures with names that sound similar to Chinese profanities. One of these animals is the grass mud horse, or cao ni ma.

The cao ni ma live in the Gobi Desert, where they have adapted to the harsh conditions. Their arch-nemeses are the “river crabs”, whom they do daily battle with.

Weekly World News protests this ill-informed article! It is well known the grass mud horse do indeed exist. This is clearly a conspiracy led by the Chinese government itself to fool outsiders into believing they do not have a cryptid “problem”. Footage has been shared world-wide of this mythical beast, even accompanied by the voices of children singing worship.