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CHENGDU – A two-headed baby was found abandoned in an irrigation ditch in China!

Hanzhuang police have reported they found the infant, only hours old, in a ditch filled with garbage and muddy water. They had received calls from residents about hearing a hidden baby crying.

The baby has been temporarily placed with carer Yuan Xianrong, who said, “When officers picked him up they at first did not realize he had the deformation and thought it was just rubbish stuck to the child – then they realized that the baby had the deformation and took him straight to the hospital.”

One head is fully formed and healthy, while the second head is smaller and only partially developed. It has eyes, ears, a mouth and nose.

Despite his horrific first few hours, the baby is otherwise completely healthy. Surgery to remove the second head will be discussed at a later date.

Police are still trying to locate the mother, as abandoning an infant is a crime.