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GAINESVILLE – The University of Florida’s disaster manual includes what to do in a zombie outbreak!

The University of Florida has a “Disaster Preparedness” manual, which includes what to do during a hurricane evacuation, natural disaster or even nuclear fall out.

But now a zombie attack has been included!

The manual states: “It is clear that international media have begun paying increasing attention to the possibility of an outbreak of zombie behavior spectrum disorder. Likewise, major metropolitan police agencies are starting to pay attention to the possibility of zombie attacks and are addressing citizen notification concerns.”

What follows is six full pages of instructions, such as tips on what weapons to use, and possible routes of escape. Students should watch out for “documentation of lots of strange moaning.”

Sadly, UF officials have now taken down the manual from the official college website, stating it was a “joke” and that it “didn’t really belong” amongst the very serious instructions for pandemics.

The employee who wrote it will not be punished.