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The Internal Revenue Service will sponsor the first National Dance-A-Thon to raise money for IRS workers.


The IRS is under fire from Congressional leaders and the executives of the agency “feel bad” for their employees, so they are holding a nationwide dance marathon in July 2013 to help raise money for their employees so they can “feel better about themselves so they can better audit Americans.”


All Americans are invited to participate and donate money to IRS workers.

The IRS told WWN that “we have the best dancers in the world working at our agency.”  They released a video this week (below), that shows off some of their moves.

The Dance Marathon will begin on July 15th and last until April 15th, 2014.  All money raised will be given directly to IRS workers to help them buy bigger houses, cars and go on more vacations.

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The IRS hopes to raise “at leas $20,000 for each IRS employee.”  If Americans do not contribute to the IRS Dance-A-Thon they will be subject to immediate IRS audit.


The Treasury Department — of which the IRS is part — said it puts “the highest priority on protecting  IRS employees and their families.” It said it would work to “restore public confidence in the IRS.  And what better way to do that then – to dance!”


Here’s a report about the IRS practicing for the Dance-A-Thon.