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African land snails are attacking thousands of Texans!

The snails are potentially vicious and dangerous and they can carry meningitis. Scientists have warned anyone who comes in contact with them to – run!!

This woman lost her life to the giant snail:


“These snails look harmless and most people just laugh when we tell them that they are killers,” said Lacy Herbron of Sam Houston State University.  “But these snails are killers.  They are very dangerous and, in packs, can kill any human up to 300 pounds.” 

A woman gardening in East Texas was attacked and killed while she was planting her petunias.


Governor Rick Perry has called in the National Guard to deal with the snail crisis.  “We are Texans. We are not going to let a bunch of snails take us down,” said Governor Perry.


Meanwhile, Texans are arming themselves with special “Snail Guns” that can kill up to 500 snails in one shot.  “We’re going to need a lot of them snail guns down here,” said Sheriff Johnny Jimjohn of Dallas.  “We gots lots of snails to kill.”

PETA is trying to stop Texans from killing the snails.  “They can rid the state of the pests without committing snail slaughter,” said a spokeperson for PETA>

The giant killer snails can lay 1,000 eggs per month, so there will be thousands of more killer snails in Texas – very soon.

Again, if you see a snail – run for your life!