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A 500 horsepower buggy takes on a one of the world’s most treacherous rock wall – Viagra Hill!

Shelby Tanner got into a 500-hp blue buggy and traversed the most treacherous terrain available.  Shelby is one the world’s premier “rock bouncers”.   Bobby Tanner and his daughter, Shelby Tanner, both strapped into a 500-hp piece of tube steel with no bodywork and a massive suspension that hurtled them up the hill at full throttle.


Rock crawlers and rock bouncers have different views of the world . Traditional off-roaders see the rock bouncers as nothing but brute-force buzzsaws requiring no talent outside a heavy right foot. Bouncers, obviously, disagree, pointing to the skills needed to construct shock-proof drivetrains, high-travel suspensions and find a path that matches the power and traction.


Viagra Hill is a gigantic rock wall, familiar to off-roaders.  It’s near Disney, Oklahoma.  The Tanners rode up the wall during the annual Big Meat Run.  The Tanner family is world-renowned for their rock crawling and rock bouncing.


Here’s a taste:


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