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El Dentista is on the loose in New Mexico – and he’s coming after your teeth!

Police say Alejandro Colinas, known as El Dentista, is attacking citizens in New Mexico and cleaning their teeth, giving them root canals, and extracting wisdom teeth.


Colinas has been practicing out of his car for five years. Officers found portable drill, teeth molds and prescription drugs scattered around the vehicle

El Dentista has attacked hundreds of citizens.  In public places, he puts a gas mask over their face and drags them to his car where he works on their teeth.


It started with Colinas operating as a ‘mobile dentist’ out of his small sedan around Santa Fe.  But soon he realized that many people did not take care of their teeth properly and “that really set him off.”


“Colinas started attacking people and making sure that they had their cavity filled and that they understood the importance of good hygiene,” said Sgt. John Malley.  “He’s sort of a Robin Hood of dentists.  He takes bad teeth and makes them good.  Unfortunately, he’s also attacking people and operating on their teeth without their permission.”

Authorities are asking all victims of a man known as ‘El Dentista’ to file a report.

One woman told investigators she had teeth removed by Kestler but he didn’t come through with replacements.


Celina Westervelt, a spokeswoman for the Santa Fe Police Department, described the conditions inside Kestler’s dental practice on wheels as ‘disgusting,’ explaining that the car was filled with ‘leftover residual materials.’

Among the items seized from the red Chevy sedan were teeth molds scattered around the interior and prescription drugs, including Lidocane, Epinephrine, Septocaine and Disprospan.


Colinas was arrested but escaped from jail using a dentist drill he had in his pants.   If you see him in Santa Fe – cover your mouth and run!